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Fucsovics was up 5*-1 in the first set ended up losing it in in a tiebreak wasting 5 set points along the way. Took a MTO and toilet break and recovered. Besides the choke was quite good , his serve was not working though

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While watching Fucsovics - Dutra Da Silva

Fucsi is two points from winning first set at 5*-1 30-30

Then, setpoints for Fucsi
5-2* 40-15
5-2* 40-30
He fails to win the set in this game

During the 5*-3 game he gets broken 15-40, to make the score 5-4* :eek:
Fucsi takes a medical timeout, takes some tablets from the doctor,
Gets within two points of winning the set on two occasions, 5-4* 30-30 & 5-4* 40-40
Wins service game at 5*-5 comfortably (40-15), to make it 6-5*. The set ends up going to a tiebreak.

Fucsi falls behind in tiebreak 4-6*, but does save two setpoints.
Setpoint for Fucsi in tiebreak at 7-6*
Saves setpoint 7*-8
Setpoint for Fucsi in tiebreak at 9-8*

Dutra Da Silva wins tiebreak 11-9, and takes the first set :sadface:

Toilet break for Fucsi between first and second set, while I wonder if he might have been better off being a male model :sobbing:

Fucsovics changes his shirt from blue to yellow at 1*-0, and things seem to go his way a bit more from here-on this set. Sadly, most of the shirt change was obscured by the annoying stats box that takes up most of the view and a premature camera angle change :sad:
Setpoints for Fucsi
5-3* 40-15
5-3* 40-30
5-3* Ad-40
Fails to win the set in this game
Then, Fucsi wins his service game 40-15, to win the second set 6-4 :D:D

In the third set, Fucsi changes his shirt from yellow to blue at 3*-4. The annoying stats board thankfully did not obscure the whole shirt change ;)
And in clear evidence that the Tennis Gods like it when Fucsi gets shirtless, he breaks at 5-5*, to go ahead 6*-5
Then wins his service game (40-0) :eek::eek::eek:, and so wins the third set and match 7-5 :cheerleader:

To think this could have been something like a 6-1 6-4 win. I don't know what goes through his sexy head sometimes but at least he won in the end :scared::lol:
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