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I'm going to put Juan Carlos's interview in his forum.

I'm surprised there's not a Carlos Moya cheering thread here! Oh, well. He had a great win today to get to the semis. Here is his interview with ESPN after the match.

TMS Cincinnati
Post Match Interview with Carlos Moya
Moya d. Schuettler 7-6, 6-1

Cliff Drysdale: How come you are playing so much better this year again? Suddenly you have two wins over there in Europe and you come here and you're in the semifinal. What's the deal?

Carlos: Well, I think it's just the first year since I was injured that I'm healthy again and it looks like I'm no having trouble with my back, and, you know, now I'm healthy and I feel again, and very confident. It is very important to be confident because you realize that you can beat anyone, and this summer so far has been very good for me so I will try to keep going.

Patrick McEnroe: What has changed with your mentality now, Carlos? I mean you made it to #1 and then you had the injuries. Are you appreciating your talents a little bit more now?

Carlos: Yeah, you appreciate tennis much more now than before. Before, I thought everything was so easy, you know, and, but after injury was really tough time for me and I was trying to come back but it took awhile and it looks like now I'm playing much better than a few years ago, and I'll try to be back where I was like 3-4 years ago.

Cliff: Carlos, you know, it's nice to see you back but I don't want to blow smoke at you. I want to ask you this question. Why have you got so many good players from Spain, number one? And then two, what about the Argentinians? How come they're suddenly making a move? What's the deal? [eds note: Like Spain and Argentina have anything to do with one another :rolleyes:]

Carlos: Well, I cannot tell you about the Argentinas, because I don't know the way they practice. I heard they practice very hard, and obviously when you see them playing, you see how fit they are, and they are hungry to win, and they also have a lot of talent. There are so many coming. And from Spain, it's already like, for 10 years that we have many good players, and I think we have a--one of the reasons is because we have many satellite tournaments, and they don't need to go to another country to get the first points. So you can--you can also practice with the good players and I think that is very important.

Patrick: Now do you guys, meaning that the top players, spend a lot of time practicing with the young players, the juniors coming up?

Carlos: Yeah, so many times when I'm in Mallorca I practice with the junior guys, and I think it's good for myself and it's good for them. For me, I see they are fighting so hard to--in very practice and I have to motivate them you know, and is good stuff. And for them to hit with a professional player, I think, is a great experience. I didn't have this experience when I was 14, 15 years old, and they have the experience, so I think it's good for them and it's good for me.

Cliff: Okay, so thanks for your time. Well played, Carlos. Good luck in the semifinals.

Carlos: Thank you. (smiles)

Patrick: Good job, Carlos.
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