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Greetings all.

First off I hope that this post is one where all posters, both TARDS and normal ones, can convene and hopefully put some objectivism into their thoughts.

That was an amazing match, in many different aspects, and I applaud that the tennis community got to see what tennis can be. It wasn’t the match quality of a safin-federer ao 05 or federer-nadal rome, but it was very entertaining and that is the point to the audience.

Now, onto my points; Continuing from yesterday.
I was wrong about nadal. 100%. He could have and should have won this match, and he demonstrated to me today that he can be a top grass court champion ( I will get into the actual conditions of the grass courts in a second). He has shown marketed improvement in his volleying, anticipation, and aggressiveness on this surface, and really pushed roger past the brink. It was his in his mind, and no doubt he may feel bitter in the back of his head, he will probably ease the pain by telling himself, as sue barker and federer alluded, that he is a great champion waiting in the wings of sw19. He is the 2nd best grasscourter right now as grass courts are currently constituted.

There is one thing though about my post that definitely still qualifies, and that is the smothering affect of nadal on an opponent. He retrieves everything and has a bigger heart than any champion in tennis history. I think it is hard to dispute either points, since it is quite visible in his deameanor. He is a boxer playing tennis.
Federer played well today, but he was definitely being smothered by nadal’s constant returns; Most were heavy topsin, some were RIPPED cross court.
Read s&v fans of 1990 and circa, today demonstrated why it is soo hard to come in and win consistently with that tatic. How many times did we see nadal totally out of the court only to pull off amazing shot on the full run? He is deadly on that backhand wing stretched out wide.

But the smothering effect is still there mentally on federer. Tactically, he did not utilize the sharp slice enough times. He got dissuaded from using it early, and unfortunately for federer’s mindset, when dissuaded and doubt creeps in, he doesn’t see the magic in his own game, the magic in his own arsenal. He turns into Richard gasquet redux.

Agressiveness, testosterone constantly abound. That is something you are born with, and nadal has it.

This does not mean federer didn’t earn today. On the contrary, federer put all his naysayers who doubt his un-spartan ness away.

He served HUGE when he needed to, he hung in there MENTALLLY in the 1st and 3rd set tiebreaks, playing the big points BETTER than nadal. Today was federer’s OWN coming out party mentally.
To hang in there, after being visibly irate over the 4th set instant replay charades that he felt were “going against him”, and 2 15-40 games in the 5th, he maintained concentration and gave a few of his own confident fist pumps to lead himself to victory.

Finally, after numerous chances at getting break points throughout the match (multiple 30-30s but never getting the next point), he utilized brilliant biting slice to set up his wicked deep forehand to bust out into a crescendo in the 6th game of the 5th set. No folks, he is not a mental midget. He proved that he could fight his biggest enemy, himself , today.

Nadal provides more than just this conundrum to federer now, however; He provides an actual game with extreme tactics. He is no doubt going to challenge here for years to come.

Which leads me to what grass court tennis game has degenerated into. Many of the clay court fans wont care, will say that this is more exciting than the mid 90’s, that this is great.

All these may be valid, however from a purely essence perspective, this surface does not give true tennis fans the variety that the tennis game should be offering. There really should be fast slick grass courts at Wimbledon, just as they really should be slow high bouncing courts at RG and clay season. Variety is the spice of life;

Unfortunately, due to the way the balls have been jazzed up, and the ease at which the grass gets chewn up, along with the more open faced babalot style racquets, it appears this court plays somewhere between hamburg and roland garros. It is sad folks,very sad. Because this does not lend itself to building up all court players with variety in their game; Players who can consistently serve and volley on this surface AND play the solid baseline game of Rg.

And it appears those days are gone. 

Congrats on a great fortnight wimby, save the RIDICULOUS scheduling that screwed over an entire field of players (and on that note, congrats on getting the tourney done on time, whatever that means), and congrats to both finalists, who battled and provided great modern-day grass court tennis.

Yes, there are tennis purists who can enjoy the sport, and still lament the changes that have taken place on sed surface

Federer, congrats on being able to transition your game from the days of s&v fast grass to slow claygrass.


PS: Longevity is the key to defining a tennis career. Nadal will have to seriously change his retrieving tactics and become more offensive minded over the coming years as he physically gains more wear and tear. It is the ultimate fact of life, and will play a lot more into nadal's future chances as GOAT as federer (who is about 3 away from being the "next" GOAT)
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