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Actually I don't like to post all these threads of reaching numbers, but I do like some numbers so much, so I made a habit of it to post it... So after announcing my 22222th post, here finally (*ahum* it did go way too fast :p) is my 33333th post! :eek:
Actually I am not too happy with a big number of posts, coz it shows my obsession, but Ste told me I shouldn't look at it, but just chat on the board if I want to, so that's what I do. And she wanted me to be the #1 poster and she wanted me to be the first one to reach 33333, so I am glad I could make her wish come true. That's why I should thank Ste most of all that I reached this number. :smooch:
Won't say more words now, I am at my work now, and of course I am not working but am online :rolleyes: but I allow that today coz this is the first day after my holiday, I want to be less online the next weeks, so I can concentrate more on my work. But I am sure there will be coming lots of posts anyway :rolleyes: Oh wait I was going to stop writing... see you around! :wavey:
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Congratulatons, Yvo!! :worship: I saw your number 33332 in Yvo fanclub, so I came to NonTennis!!

I am looking forward to more of our weird talks in that thread!! :p

Have a nice day!

By the way, I follow your size 1 here as well!! :p
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oops that sounds great to be the one why Yvo reached that amount of post as the first one :p
but I don't really care you deserves that!!! because you're my number 1 poster here..... :worship:
so I congrats you here ...

and hope there are soon 33333 more coming... :p

see you around :hug:
:hug: Congrats Yvo! (or do i have to say 'gecondoleerd' :p) on reaching 33333 posts :eek: hope it'll take a while before I have to post such a thread :p
Congrats Yvo :hug:
Congrats Yvo :kiss: :lick: :worship: :aparty: :clap2: :kiss: :banana:
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