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He said he had no energy left because of the treatment he had for his angina. That explains why he looked deadly tired :awww:
He wasn't disappointed with the result because he was lying in bed with a 39°C fever just days ago!!

Poor thing :hug:

And gosh!! I've just realized that during the Russia-France tie, I'll be in Nice. :eek: I hope there's a coverage in the hotel. I'll be happy to get stuck in a hotel to watch the guys play ;)

I have started reading my Anatomy text. The illustrations are so scary! :scared: I hate people with their bodies cut open!!! :lol:

How can I remember all these bones, muscles and nerves!?!?!?!?
Well, I'd better do because otherwise, I'll kill someone in the near future! :p

Take care everyone :smooch:
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