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Hi Guys!
I'm new here. Back to tennis after 25 years or so..(H.S./Coll)Long fast swing,good spin both ways and still can do it,(only legs much slower).I use to play with cheap synthetics "backinaday" and weird ceramic and early kevlar frames.I'm surprise, how much better the new equipment become. Especially the strings.It's almost like "tuning a violin" now. This however creates a lot of confusion. But to the point.
I have tried a few of my friends "poly" strung rackets and like it a lot.
I do not want to deal with any hybrids at this point yet, I would like to try full bad soft poly at low tension.
For economical and tension maintenance reasons I choose WeissCannon.
They also claim to be "comfy" And well performing. But I would like someone who has hands on experience with them, to confirm this claim.
I would like to try the B5E,Scorpion or TurboTwist. What do you think? please help me decide.

Thanks in advance.
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