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I was in the medina with rashid this morning and we were standing together talking about something while he had a smoke...two men were walking past us and must have heard my accent and one of them turned to me and said (in a friendly tone, not threateningly) "I don't like your president!" and I just said "me either!" which caused them both to laugh. they stopped to discuss my political affiliation with me and they were surprised that I'm a conservative yet I don't like the president. I've never discussed american politics with rashid so he was staring at me in horror when I said I'm a republican :lol:

so that was the first time I've discussed american politics in this country! apart from the time when I was in a cyber cafe in marrakech talking to the guy who was running the place. it was like 11pm and there was nobody in the cafe except his friends who were playing halo or some other weird boy-game on the computers and blasting techno the guy (he was in his 20s) asked where I was from in the US and we were talking about it and all of a sudden he wanted to talk about the iraq war. I just let him talk about it and listened to his opinion and as he was talking he started making machine gun sound effects and was ducking behind the counter pretending to shoot at people :eek: I don't know if he was trying to get his point across by playing charades or something (he didn't speak very good english) but I just stood there and stared until I made an excuse and walked out :eek:

I'm going to my first islamic wedding-related party tomorrow night and I have no idea what to wear, what does a blonde american wear to something like that? rashid says he's going to help me get something tomorrow morning and I'm sure he won't lead me astray but I'll still feel very out of place. not as out of place as I felt last time I was here, though, and I joined a wedding party on the street at 2am in my pajamas. pajamas weren't really appropriate attire for that one.

dinner time! :wavey:
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