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Other poems posted here.
I resqued one young women from masons (it was in 2006 or 2007). Her family tried to drag her into some kind of order (by order!) and thanks to my video she realized the danger of this step and ran away from home. They rules the world.

I just wrote it like Shuai wrote about his truth! People must know it!!!

Different story but still!

Also I knew one men who killed mason (for sex with child I think - he hided and can't say it exatly but gave me very hide hint about it).

I can delete it message if moderators will decide.

Also I had extremely threatening letter from big mason from USA (I think) as I made on YouTube videos about them...

Also I knew men from UK who was happy his ancle-mason dead as his ancle killed people on behalf of Freemasonry...

Sorry. It's absolutely truth!

Case with Shuai helpen me to become more STRONG to write it!
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