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Poe! How are the donuts? :p

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"I am now successfully sitting on my ass eating donuts watching andy and amanda do all the work."

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LOL yeah I saw that too :D

Go Poe! That's the spirit man!!!
I'm more concerned with that sexy ass :drool:
they were fabulous thank you... i've moved onto ice cream :drool:

damn these upgrades are a chore :angel:
btw i would have announced the switch to ice cream but i was too stressed after the whole flavor decision making process
Poe, how did you get the "Cast Iron Bitch" under your name? I wish I could have a title too, but I have no idea how it works:sad:
oh well it should say admin or webmaster or some other boring thing but it just doesn't suit me :D

for now it's just a perk for the mods sorry ;)
Ahhhhhh.... So Poe is doing a "Homer Simpson"?
yes and i remember you asking specifically for the one you have now :p
cuz i have about three million things to get done before the sun comes up :p
aww well you're busy anyway what with all that masturbating

My boyfriend has been too busy to talk to me for days and now my Poesie has better things to do.

What is this world coming to :sad:

Where did I put my uzi.
why would you date somebody who doesn't talk to you for days? :p he's too busy to make a two second call?
well i'm not but since you won't move here with me what choices do i have? :p
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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