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As you could see i have no title for today :lol: because there had good and bad stuff today......let's start by the good one, Rafa won his match agaisnt Lucho Horna, Gael Monfils lost so Rafa won't play him next round!!

the bad things, for the second day i couldn't see Rafa's match, because Eurosport found better to show us Sania Mirza vs Francesca Schaivone :( :( it's a shame!!!

other bad thing of the day...Rafa played bad, it's as if he would like to test himself to know if he can cntrol the match or not!!! So far my conclusion is that he can control the match, but he have to be careful with what he is doing, he is playing with fire !!

other bad thing, Feliciano Lopez played crap, he was leading against Chiudinelli , and he miserably lost. This guy only find motivation against big guys, he easily beat Ljubibitch everybody saw it, but he can't even serve good agaisnt the 306th guy in the world :eek: what a loser, but he still remains my favorite loser, just behind Marat Safin :haha:

and i'am also angry because José Antonio Reyes said that his career in Arsenal is over :( after all the club done for him, it's disgusting and he is a betrayer,he wants to go to Real Madrid or in Atletico, what a bad choice, he isn't experienced enough for the liga, he'll stay on the bench at Real or will be replace very soon. All the young guys that played in Liga , burned their wings, he should have wait a little bit so that he'll have some good experience ...... pffffffff :(
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