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Hi everyone to who's reading this I hope to get some help,
i'll start first with my story, how the problem started...

Me: Kevin switzerland, 16 years

So i was playing my best tennis so far at 2005 / 14 years I played a good summer season and a great winter season my coach at that time was B.G. so i was about to compete with the 30 best of my country in my age...I played fantastic but then in may 2006 my coach injured himself for 6 months then he arranged a replacement coach from new zealend atp 300 and he started to change around my Forehand as longer it went with him i got worse and worse....
he told me not to go over my head(i played similar to nadal backswing 2005), short backswing and "play like me" of course i did everything because u want to get better no? but it just got worse... all my cordination and footwork nothing came together..i was nowhere i was ...
so i played with him till march 2007 this time last year and then i stopped with him and my old coach B.G got fit again...
now we've been trying diffrent things till now ... we found out that the main points are:
1. the shoulder comes far to early (before the hip rotation)
and i hit the ball to much in front without any power
2. my left hand (i'm right handed) doesnt cordinate with my right one...i like have two like pulling away my left arm and then only my right one comes in front with the "second" move (hard to imagine)
I put my left hand on my right arm (ellbow hight but inside- arm)and hit the ball like a two hander. (but left hand is on my right arm and not on the grip)

And now because i still have problems and its more than 1 year my mum stopped the training for me ...and i have no coach...
now i train on the wall thats all...

what should i do?

is the best to find out my self? and just hit thousands of balls on the wall?
any coaches in here to help me? i know its very long message but its really a serious problem i'm not a happy since 1 year...
and my dream (to play college tennis like benjamin becker and triying to get a chance on the atp circuit) is in danger if this problem doesnt solve quickly...

appreciat any help thanks

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You have a lot going on in this post. Truthfully, this explaination may be to hard to diagnose without video footage or maybe a better explaination of the problem. But my biggest suggestion is not to stop training. That wont help you one bit. Rather, you need to find a new coach who can work with you. You are obviously having issues that are not being resolved during a practice session with your coach. Just because a coach was 300 ATP doesnt mean he will be a good "coach". coaching is completely different that playing. You must find a coach who you feel you can work with.

When you get with your new coach or if you prefer to stay with your current coach. I suggest that you video tape yourself and review it with your coach. Compare when and contrast the differences between shots and find what you think is really going on.

Sometimes coaches have a hard time seeing from one angle. Hit with another player and have your coach watch you from the baseline.

This problem is too clustered and Im having trouble picturing it. It would be much harder to diagnose the issue from a forum and I wouldnt dare tell you something untrue.

Good Luck on your journey, Hopefully this helped.

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Hi Steve,

thanks a lot for your quick and good help, i'm also visiting your website trying to also get some help over there...
this weekend i'll try to make some videos and can i send them to you per mail? they will be mobile phone vids so they arent to big in megabites.(not to good quality) or maybe my normal cam...

and an other question do u know or can you help if i want to get into an university in the states (you are in the states no?) and want to play college tennis? (like already mentioned in post 1/ like blake, becker...) my sister is older and i still have to finish a few school years, and she wanted to do that but its difficult with all these tests (GED, TOEFL, SAT?) is that right? or can one get in with out this?

hey thanks a lot again looking forward to your answer...
and other people are welcome too! if they have a solution for
my forehand...
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