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Playoff: Czech Republic vs Germany

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In Liberec (clay)

Czech Republic
Tomas Berdych
Tomas Zib
Leos Friedl
Frantisek Cermak
(Robin Vik)


Nicolas Kiefer
Tommy Haas
Rainer Schuettler
Alexander Waske
(Florian Mayer)
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Arena Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic
Stadium Capacity: 6000
23 September - 25 September 2005
Day 1: 1230hrs (1030hrs GMT)
Day 2: 1400hrs (1200hrs GMT)
Day 3: 1230hrs (1030hrs GMT)
Surface: Clay - Indoors
Ball Type: Wilson US Open CTS

This is the 14th meeting between these two former Davis Cup champions. Germany has won nine of the previous 13 meetings with all four Czech victories coming in the 1970s and 1980s. Germany has won the last three encounters, but on clay, the Czechs hold a 3-1 lead.

Type Friday & Sunday Saturday 3 Day
1st Category 450CZK 400CZK 1000CZK
2nd Category 350CZK 300CZK 800CZK

Hospitality Boxes

10 persons €10,000
8 persons €8000
1 person €1000

Tickets go on sale 15 August.

It will be very hard for the Czech team without Stepanek and Novak is injured :sad: I wish I could go but I have to study

GOOD LUCK!!! :bounce:
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Now the Czech team has announced their team. IMO Berdych has to win both his singles to give his team a chance. Even Kiefer showed he can beat good clay courters like Andreev in big matches, I'm confident we can celebrate a victory this time. :yeah:

We expect Haas and Kiefer in singles and probably Waske/Haas in doubles.
italy_tennis said:
Why Stepanek and Mayer out?
It looks like Stepanek has a dispute with captain Cyril Suk - and Mayer is only no.5 in the German team, because the captain thought that Schuettler is the better choice. So there's no special reason for that.
italy_tennis said:
Why Stepanek and Mayer out?
Stepanek has earlier said that he wants to concentrate on his rankings this year and then there was a little tiff or something like that and I think if Jiri and Tomas will play it is better for us, recover soon Jiri :hug:
Will Schuettler play singles or only doubles (or none)? I would choose the third option.
Good luck Tomas and Czech team!!! :bounce:
keqtqiadv said:
Will Schuettler play singles or only doubles (or none)? I would choose the third option.
Probably the third option. I think he's in the team to be singles player no.3.
This is the same German team that won WTC on clay this year. :cool:
That sucks for the Czech's, Stepanek is their best player. Kiefer should be a winner for his two matches if he's focused and I really don't know about Tommy on clay. If Rainer Schuettler played like he did in 2003 he would annhiliate Novak and Berdych.
Good luck my boys!!! I know you can win!!! :banana: and please, Jiri if you will not feel alright, don't play :hug:
The Czech team changed a bit. Looks like Leos Friedl is in the team instead of Novak.

Czech Republic - Germany
T.Berdych - T.Haas
T.Zib - N.Kiefer
L.Friedl/F.Cermak - T.Haas/A.Waske
T.Berdych - N.Kiefer
T.Zib - T.Haas
When Haas plays a long first match, we probably won't see Kiefer in full length then (only if he plays a quick match). I'm sure DSF will go to the basketball EURO then later (which is not toooo bad because I also want to see it)
Good luck Tomas!!! :bounce:
Go Tommy!! :bounce:
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