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So.. yesterday evening i was in the Placebo gig of Lyon, transbordeur.
1500 people.

Set list: all the new album (only available on 13rd of march) + 36° (new version) + The bitter end + 20years.
encore: Running up that hill + Nancy boy :aparty:

Nancy boy saved my gig ... the new album seems great live but the problem is that nobody knows it (me, a bit yes...)
So the atmosphere was not good, it wasn't very nice to them to play only new dongs for 1 hour. Special mention for : one of a kind :yeah: brilliant in live.
The new version of 36° wasn't that good even if Brian said so. He remind us that Placebo was born 10years ago.. i was there. The bitter end woke the crowd up and 20 years made me sad as usually.
I'm not fan of running up that hill, so i don't really appreciate the effort. "It's the first time we played that song live, lucky you french people" said mister Molko in a perfect french. Lucky? not that sure!
Lucliky, i could explode in joy on my dear Nancy boy.. so sad only 10% of the crowd knew one of the 1rst hit of Placebo.

The crowd was bad, they didn't give a lot, as Placebo didn't give us a lot too. They did their job and get away.
I left the venus with bitterness and I thought of all these wonderful gigs i lived with The Rasmus, even Apo, Tryo or OLD Placebo.

Anyway, 3 good points: 1. Brian wasn't drunk or anything. 2. He had sung very very well 3. the new songs rocks!

I miss real rock gig, now i hope to see soon Negative, My Chemical Romance and... The Rasmus again!!!

want to see me and my friend going to the gig? click HERE
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