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Raúl Ramírez. one of the greatest mexican tennis players. In his best years he was a top 10, number 1 in doubles with Brian Gottfried. Reached the #4 in the singles ranking. He was an extraordinarious claycourter winning any major tournament on clay with the exception of RG, he reached the semi-finals though. carried México to the semi-finals of the Davis Cup. We, the mexicans are waiting for another player as good as him.
On my personal ranking, i will put him on the third place of the all-time best mexican players.
1. Rafael Osuna
2. Pancho González (though he played for USA he always considered himself as mexican)
3. Raúl Ramírez
If we don't count Pancho González then he would be in the second place


101 - 108 of 108 Posts