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Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (winner:ostm89)

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Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania 2010

Welcome to Pick-A-Winner (PAW), the Predictions game!

Playing is simple: over the course of the tournament choose any 13 matches in the Main Draw and post who you think will win them. The scoring points besides each fixture represent the points you score if the corresponding player wins. Whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner.
If this is the first time you’re playing or you’re not familiar with the rules of the game, here’s a link to the Official PAW rules and supplement thread.

In order to play in this tournament you should have posted a commitment to play in the September commitments thread. The deadline for commitments is September 19th, 2010.

If you haven't posted a commitment until midnight (local time) on September 19th, you can ask for a wildcard. The number of WCs is limited to 5 per tournament. Any pick posted without having a WC or early commitment is not valid. You can receive maximum 3 wildcards per year.

Before posting picks, check that the matches haven't started yet. A pick that is posted after a match started is invalid and may be replaced. In case a match doesn't take place due to withdrawal or change of the draw, the pick is invalid and may be replaced. If a player retires or defaulted after the match has started (even if one point was played), the pick is valid.

Changing your picks
If you want to amend a previous pick (cancel or change), quote the original post and add a new message. Don't edit your posts and never delete them!

A moderator (bad gambler) will scan this thread every day to track on deleted/edited posts. If you are caught cheating, you will be automatically disqualified from this tournament. In certain case, you might be banned from playing temporarily or permanently. Please play fairly, everybody!

Don't forget, you're limited to 13 picks throughout the whole tournament.

Ranking Points:
1st ---- 200 ..... 9th ---- 45 ...... 17th --- 14 ...... 25th --- 7 
2nd ---- 140 ..... 10th --- 41 ...... 18th --- 13 ...... 26th --- 6 
3rd ---- 115 ..... 11th --- 36 ...... 19th --- 12 ...... 27th --- 5 
4th ---- 90 ...... 12th --- 32 ...... 20th --- 11 ...... 28th --- 4 
5th ---- 80 ...... 13th --- 28 ...... 21st --- 10 ...... 29th --- 3 
6th ---- 70 ...... 14th --- 23 ...... 22nd --- 9 ....... 30th --- 2 
7th ---- 60 ...... 15th --- 19 ...... 23rd --- 8 ....... 31st --- 1 
8th ---- 50 ...... 16th --- 15 ...... 24th --- 8 ....... 32nd --- 1
Good Luck to Everybody!
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Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania

Unless you have changed your username, i don't have you on my commitment list :confused:
Ivanatis=Deck, Tina

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Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania

PAW01 Volandri over Kubot
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania

PAW02 Copil over Vagnozzi
PAW03 Ramos-Vinolas over Phau
PAW04 Greul over Przyezni
PAW05 Crivoi over Ventura
PAW06 Gonxalez over Andujar
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (DAY 3 update)

PAW07 Cuevas over Riba
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (Wednesday update)

PAW08 Granollers over Volandri
PAW09 Berlocq over Cuevas
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (Thursday update)

PAW10 Granollers over Starace
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (Friday update)

PAW11 Chela over Montanes
PAW12 Andujar over Granollers
Re: Pick-A-Winner (PAW) #49 BCR Open Romania (SF update)

PAW13 Chela over Andujar

Great management, Tina :worship: Thx.
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