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Hi guys,

Welcome to the PAW Davis Cup :) :wavey:

The 1st round will be played in the form of a league (as more than 16 countries entered). The top 8 teams from the 1st round will qualify for the quarter-finals, each of these 8 countries will be seeded 1 to 8 depending on their position in the league table :)

Welcome to Pick-A-Winner (PAW), the Predictions game!

Playing is simple: over the course of the first round of the Davis Cup across 8 different ties choose any 16 matches that are played (from the World Group) including singles and doubles and post who you think will win them.

Please note the doubles match scoring points will be released when the draw comes out, but however as it is always the 5th rubber this team is subject to change, a good idea is to PAW “USA Doubles Team” over “SLO doubles team.”

Scheduled matches sometimes change though, especially on the Sunday when team's choose different players to play who were not scheduled to. Because of this, you are encouraged to make at least 8 “Supplementary PAW’s” in case one or more of your PAW’s becomes invalid through a withdrawal or different player taking part, or in a case of a dead rubber.

When you make supplementary Picks, post them like a PAW but say SUPP1 SUPP2 etc.

For example:

SUPP1: Roddick over Ancic

Your SUPPs will be taken in the order that you wrote them, so SUPP1 has priority then SUPP2 then SUPP3 and so on, the first valid SUPP in your list will be used, so be careful if you want big pointers, I suggest you put them at the top of your SUPP List. You are allowed to replace and cancel SUPPs in the same way as you can with PAWs.

Calculation of Scores:

2 player-team: Average points of ALL player's points
3-4 player-team: Average points of ALL player's points, minus one of the player's worst result

If the board is down, or running slow, send your picks to

Good luck :)

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[b]1. Poland[/b]
hallso 21
robus 1
= 22

[b]2. Kazakhstan[/b]
scarecrows 10
Renaud 12
= 22

[b]3. Canada[/b]
sploush 18
n3gative 14
= 32

[b]4. Croatia[/b]
ntorcida 15
Deathless Mortal 39
= 54

[b]5. Netherlands[/b]
TankingTheSet 31
Sheva 27
= 59

[b]6. Germany[/b]
Hotzenplotz 3
Kielian 59
= 62

[b]7. Ireland[/b]
Frooty_Bazooty 5
sdtoot 66
= 71

[b]8. Brazil[/b]
VaiBrasil 26
Robin Hood 46
= 72

A_Skywalker 30
propaganda 60
= 90

Damita 62
JBdV 29
= 91

NyGeL 24
ExcaliburII 109
= 135

soltmann_89 58
Alonsofz 86
= 144

Nadie 141
Dmitriy 17
= 158

Foosimoo 41
Drikke 120
= 161

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Scoring Points

Russia vs. Serbia
[I]singles #1[/I]: [s]Youzhny vs Djokovic (17-6)[/s]
[I]singles #2[/I]: Davydenko vs Troicki (4-27)
[I]doubles[/I]: Youzhny/Tursunov vs Djokovic/Zimonic (17-6)
[I]singles #3[/I]: Davydenko vs Djokovic (14-7)
[I]singles #4[/I]: Tursunov vs Trocki (6-16)
Czech Republic vs. Belgium
[I]singles #1[/I]: Berdych vs Vliegen (6-18)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Stepanek vs Darcis (7-14)
[I]doubles[/I]: Berdych/Stepanek vs Vliegen/O. Rochus (10-10)
[I]singles #3[/I]: Dlouhy vs Darcis (14-7)
[I]singles #4[/I]: Vizner vs Bemelmans (20-5)
Argentina vs. Great Britain
[I]singles #1[/I]: Nalbandian vs Baker (3-32)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Calleri vs Bogdanovic (6-18)
[I]doubles[/I]: Acasuso/Nalbandian vs Hutchins/J.Murray (16-6)
[I]singles #3[/I]: Acasuso vs Bogdanovic (6-17)
[I]singles #4[/I]: Calleri vs Baker (5-21)
Israel vs. Sweden
[I]singles #1[/I]: Sela vs Bjorkman (10-10)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Levy vs Johansson (14-7)
[I]doubles[/I]: Erlich/Ram vs Asperin/Lindstedt (8-12)
[I]singles #3:[/I] Sela vs Johansson (10-10)
[I]singles #4:[/I] Levy vs Bjorkman (14-7)
Germany vs. Korea
[I]singles #1[/I]: Kohlschreiber vs An (3-34)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Mayer vs Lee (11-9)
[I]doubles[/I]: Kohlschreiber/Petzschner vs Jun/An (5-19)
[I]singles #3:[/I] Kohlschreiber vs Lee (8-13)
[I]singles #4:[/I] Berrer vs Jun (4-23)
Peru vs. Spain
[I]singles #1[/I]: [s]Horna vs Almagro (16-6)[/s]
[I]singles #2[/I]: Miranda vs Robredo (34-3)
[I]doubles[/I]: Horna/Miranda vs Lopez/Verdasco (11-9)
[I]singles #3:[/I] Echazu vs Robredo (86-1)
[I]singles #4:[/I] Miranda vs Almagro (28-4)
Romania vs. France
[I]singles #1[/I]: Hanescu vs Gasquet (19-5)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Pavel vs Tsonga (17-6)
[I]doubles[/I]: Mergea/Tecau vs Clement/Llodra (32-3)
[I]singles #3:[/I] Pavel vs Llodra (11-9)
[I]singles #4:[/I] Tecau vs Clement (36-3)
Austria vs. USA
[I]singles #1[/I]: Melzer vs Roddick (19-5)
[I]singles #2[/I]: Koubek vs Blake (17-6)
[I]doubles[/I]: Knowle/Melzer vs Bryan/Bryan (15-7)
[I]singles #3:[/I] Koubek vs M. Bryan (2-54)
[I]singles #4:[/I] Eschauer vs B. Bryan (2-54)

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#	Country			1st	2nd	3rd	average
1.	Netherlands_____________	157	153	-	155
2.	Ireland_________________	139	104	-	121,5
3.	Argentina_______________	131	110	-	120,5
4.	Bulgaria_______________ 	157	78	-	117,5
5.	Brasil__________________	156	78       -        117
6.	France_________________	109	88	-	98,5
7.	Poland_________________	99	88	-	93,5
8.	Kazachstan_____________	88	86	-	87

9.	Germany_______________	110	62	-	86
10.	Canada_________________	119	43	-	81
11.	Croatia_________________	79	65	-	72
12.	Russia_________________	73	70	-	71,5
13.	Chile___________________	83	56	-	69,5
14.	Belgium________________	69	10	-	39,5

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till #281

[b]1. Poland[/b]
hallso: [b]88[/b]
PAW1: Russia over Serbia doubles 0
PAW2: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW3: Argentina over Great B. doubles 16
PAW4: Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW5: [s]Prieto over Bogdanovic[/s]
PAW6: Israel over Sweden doubles 8
PAW7: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW8: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW9: USA over Austria doubles 7
PAW10: Spain over Peru doubles 9
PAW11: [s]Prieto over Baker[/s]
PAW12: [s]Koubek over Roddick[/s]
PAW13: [s]Melzer over Blake[/s]
PAW14: [s]Dlouhy over Rochus[/s]
PAW15: Dlouhy over Darcis 0
PAW16: [s]Vliegen over Stepanek[/s]
SUPP1: Pavel over Llodra 0
SUPP2: Pavel over Clement
SUPP3: Hanescu over Clement
SUPP4: Hanescu over Llodra
SUPP5: Johansson over Sela 10
SUPP6: Prieto over J.Murray/Hutchins
SUPP7: Kohlschreiber over Lee 8 
SUPP8: Stepanek over Rochus
SUPP9: Djokovic over Davydenko 0
SUPP10: Vliegen over Dlouhy
SUPP11: Bjorkman over Levy 7
SUPP12: Acasuso over Bogdanovic 6
SUPP13: Petzschner over Jun/An
SUPP14: Tsonga over Hanescu
SUPP15: Blake over Eschauer
SUPP16: Roddick over Eschauer
SUPP17: Gasquet over Pavel
SUPP18: Berdych over anyone
SUPP19: Mayer over Jun/An
SUPP20: Youzhny over Troicki

robus: [b]99[/b]
PAW01: USA doubles over Austria doubles 7
PAW02: Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW03: Israel doubles over Sweden doubles 8
PAW04: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW05: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW06: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW07: Johansson over Levy 7
PAW08: Calleri over Bogdanovic 6
PAW09: Spain doubles over Peru doubles 9
PAW10: Argentina doubles over Great Britain doubles 16
PAW11: Russia doubles over Serbia doubles 0
PAW12: [s]Czech doubles over Belgium doubles[/s]
PAW13: Johansson over Sela 10
PAW14: [s]Prieto over everyone[/s]
PAW15: [s]Horna over everyone[/s]
PAW16: Bjorkman over Levy 7
SUPP1: Kohlschreiber over Lee 8
SUPP2: Melzer over Blake
SUPP3: Germany 5th rubber over Korea 5th rubber 0
SUPP4: Spain 5th rubber over Peru 5th rubber 4
SUPP5 Spain 4th rubber beat Peru 4th rubber

LukeLasko: [b]72[/b]
PAW3: MAYER over H T LEE 0
PAW10: SPAIN over PERU 9
PAW15: [s]PRIETO over anyone[/s]
PAW16: [s]KOUBEK over RODDICK[/s]
SUPP7: PERU 4th over SPAIN 4th 0

[b]2. Kazakhstan[/b]
scarecrows: [b]86[/b]
PAW1 Stepanek d. Darcis 7
PAW2 Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW3 MAyer d. Lee 0
PAW4 Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW5 [s]Horna d. Almagro[/s]
PAW6 Calleri d. Bogdanovic 6
PAW7 Argentina doubles d. Great Britain doubles 16
PAW8 Israel doubles d. Sweden doubles 8
PAW9 Germany doubles d. Korea doubles 5
PAW10 USA doubles d. Austria doubles 7
PAW11 Spain doubles d. Peru doubles 9
PAW12 Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW13 Johansson def Sela 10
PAW14 Kohlschreiber d. Lee 8
PAW15 [s]Prieto def. anyone[/s] 
PAW16 Germany 5th rubber def Korea 5th rubber 0
Supp1: Petzschner def. Korean
Supp2: Horna def. Spain
Supp3 Argentina 5th rubber def GB 5th rubber 0

Renaud: [b]88[/b]
PAW 1 Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW 2 Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW 3 Mayer over Lee 0
PAW 4 Koubek over Blake 0
PAW 5 Double Russia def Double Serbia 0
PAW 6 Double Argentina def Double GB 16
PAW 7 Double USA def Double Austria 7
PAW 8 Double Israel def Double Sweden 8
PAW 9 Double Czech def Double Belgium 10
PAW 10 Kohlschreiber def Lee 10
PAW 11 [s]Hanescu def Clement[/s]
PAW 12 Pavel def Llodra 0
PAW 13 [s]Prieto def any british[/s]
PAW 14 Johansson def Sela 10
PAW 15 Acasuso def Bogdanovic 6
PAW 16 Germany 5th rubber def Korea 5th rubber 0
Supp 1 Pavel def Clement
Supp 2 Hanescu def llodra
Supp 3 Pavel def Gasquet
Supp 4 Horna beat a Spanish player
Supp 5 Spain 5th rubber beat Peru 5th rubber 4
Supp 6 Calleri def Baker 0

gulzhan: [b]65[/b]
PAW 1 : Russia doubles def Serbia doubles 0
PAW 2 : Darcis def Stepanek 0
PAW 3 : Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW 4 : Mayer def Lee 0
PAW 5 : Koubek def Blake 0
PAW 6 : Sweden doubles def Israel doubles 0
PAW 7 : Romania doubles def France doubles 0
PAW 8 : Argentina doubles def Great Britain doubles 16
PAW 9 : Spain doubles def Peru doubles 9
PAW 10 : USA doubles def Austria doubles 7
PAW 11 : Sela def Johansson 0
PAW 12 : Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW 13 to Pavel def France 0
PAW 14 to [s]Hanescu def France[/s]
PAW 15 : [s]Darics def Berdych[/s]
PAW 16 : Vizner def Bemelmans 0
SUPP 1 : Germany doubles def Korea doubles 5
SUPP 2 : Czech doubles def Belgium doubles 10
SUPP 3 : Djokovic def Davydenko
SUPP 4 : Youzhny def Trocki
SUPP 5 : Bob Bryan def Austria
SUPP 6 : Mike Bryan def Austria

[b]3. Canada[/b]
sploush: [b]119[/b]
PAW1: Russia Doubles over Serbia Doubles 0
PAW2: Israel Doubles over Sweden doubles 8
PAW3: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW4: Argentina doubles over GBR doubles 16
PAW5: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW6: Berdych over Vliegen 6
PAW7: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW8: Sela over Bjorkam 10
PAW9 [s]Stepanek over Vliegen[/s]
PAW10 Kohlchreiber over Lee 8
PAW11 [s]Berdych over Darcis[/s]
PAW12 [s]Horna over Robredo[/s]
PAW13 Johansson over Sela 10
PAW14: Levy over Bjorkman 0
PAW15: Pavel over France 0
PAW16: [s]Hanescu over France[/s]
Sup1: Bob Bryan def Austria 54
Sup2: Mike Bryan def Austria 0
Sup3: Horna over Spain
Sup4: Darcis over Czech Republic 7

n3gative: [b]43[/b]
PAW1: SWE 4th rubber def. ISR 4th rubber 10
PAW2: ISR 5th rubber def. SWE 5th rubber 0
PAW3: GER 4th rubber def. KOR 4th rubber 8
PAW4: GER 5th rubber def. KOR 5th rubber 0
PAW5: BEL 4th rubber def. CZE 4th rubber 7
PAW6: BEL 5th rubber def. CZE 5th rubber 5
PAW7: ROU 4th rubber def. FRA 4th rubber 0
PAW8: FRA 5th rubber def. ROU 5th rubber 3
PAW9: AUT 4th rubber def. USA 4th rubber 0
PAW10: AUT 5th rubber def. USA 5th rubber 0
PAW11: ARG 4th rubber def. GBR 4th rubber 6
PAW12: ARG 5th rubber def. GBR 5th rubber 0
PAW13: PER 4th rubber def. ESP 4th rubber 0
PAW14: ESP 5th rubber def. PER 5th rubber 4
PAW15: SRB 4th rubber def. RUS 4th rubber 0
PAW16: RUS 5th rubber def. SRB 5th rubber 0

[b]4. Croatia[/b]
ntorcida: [b]65[/b]
PAW1 Koubek def Blake 0
PAW2 Stepanek def Darcis 7
PAW3 Czech doubles def Belgium doubles 10
PAW4 Israel doubles def Sweden doubles 8
PAW5 Spain doubles def Peru doubles 9
PAW6 USA doubles def Austria doubles 7
PAW7 Argentina doubles def G.Britain doubles 16
PAW8 Russia doubles def Serbia doubles 0
PAW9 Kochlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW10 Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW11 Sela def Johansson 0
PAW12 Levy def Bjorkman 0
PAW13 [s]Youzhny def Troicki[/s]
PAW14 AUT def USA (Rubber 4) 0
PAW15 AUT def USA (Rubber 5) 0
PAW16 ROM def FRA (Rubber 4) 0
SUPP1 CZE def BEL (Rubber 5) 0
SUPP2 ROM def FRA (Rubber 5)
SUPP3 ARG def GBR (Rubber 4)
SUPP4 CZE def BEL (Rubber 4)
SUPP5 GER def KOR (Rubber 5)

Deathless Mortal: [b]79[/b]
PAW1: Argentina doubles def. Great Britain doubles 16
PAW2: Djokovic def. Davydenko 0
PAW3: Russia doubles team def. Serbia doubles team 0
PAW4: Stepanek d. Darcis 7
PAW5: Sela def. Bjorkman 10
PAW6: Mayer def. Lee 0
PAW7: Kohlschreiber def. Lee 8
PAW8: Israel doubles def. Sweden doubles 8
PAW9: Romania doubles def. France doubles 0
PAW10: Austria doubles def. USA doubles 0
PAW11: Johansson def. Sela 10
PAW12: [s]Youzhny def. Troicki[/s]
PAW13: Belgium rubber4 def. Czech rubber4 7
PAW14: Bjorkman def. Levy 7
PAW15: Spain rubber4 def. Peru rubber4 1
PAW16: Romania rubber4 def. France rubber4 0
SUP1: Austria rubber4 def. USA rubber4 0
SUP2: Czech rubber5 def. Belgium rubber5
SUP3: Argentina rubber4 def. Great Britain rubber4
SUP4: Argentina rubber5 def. Great Britain rubber5
SUP5: Germany rubber5 def. Korea rubber5
SUP6: Spain rubber5 def. Peru rubber5
SUP7: Romania rubber5 def. France rubber5

[b]5. Netherlands[/b]
TankingTheSet: [b]74[/b]
PAW1: Troicki def. Davydenko 0
PAW2: Vliegen def. Berdych 0
PAW3: Sela def. Bjorkman 10
PAW4: Mayer def. Lee 0
PAW5: Acasuso/Nalbandian def. Hutchins/J.Murray 16
PAW6: Miranda def. Robredo 0
PAW7: Hanescu def. Gasquet 0
PAW8: Melzer def. Roddick 0
PAW9: Koubek def. Blake 0
PAW10: Calleri def. Bogdanovic 6
PAW11: Erlich/Ram def. Aspelin/Lindstedt 8
PAW12: Romania doubles def. France doubles 0
PAW13: Johansson def. Sela 10
PAW14: Kohlschreiber def. Lee 8
PAW15: [s]Pavel def. Gasquet[/s]
PAW16: [s]Berdych/Stepanek def. Vliegen/Rochus[/s]
SUPP1: Hanescu def. Tsonga
SUPP2: Pavel def. Llodra 0
SUPP3: Pavel def. Clement
SUPP4: Hanescu def. Llodra
SUPP5: Hanescu def. Clement
SUPP6: Koubek def. Roddick
SUPP7: Troicki def. Tursunov 16

Sheva: [b]157[/b]
PAW01 Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW02 Mayer over Lee 0
PAW03 Koubek over Blake 0
PAW04 Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW05 Tsonga over Pavel 6
PAW06 Israel over Sweden doubles 8
PAW07 USA over Austria Doubles 7
PAW08 ARG over GBR Doubles 16
PAW09 Calleri over Bogdanovic 6
PAW10 Russia over Serbia doubles 0
PAW11 Spain over Peru doubles 9
PAW12 [s]Stepanek over Vliegen[/s]
PAW13 Kohlchreiber over Lee 8
PAW14 [s]Berdych over Darcis[/s]
PAW15 Davydenko over Djokovic 14
PAW16 [s]Horna over Robredo[/s]
Sup1: Bob Bryan def Koubek 
Sup2: Mike Bryan def Melzer
Sup3: Mike Bryan def Knowle
Sup4: Bob Bryan def Knowle
Sup5: Bob Bryan def Eschauer 54
Sup6: Mike Bryan def Eschauer
Sup7: Eschauer over Roddick
Sup8: Eschauer over Blake
Sup9 Darcis over Dlouhy 7
Sup10Darcis over Berdych
Sup11 Rochus over Dlouhy
Sup12 Vliegen over Dlouhy
Sup13 Vliegen over Stepanek
Sup14 Bemelmans over Czech Republic 5
Sup15 Horna over Spain
Sup16 Miranda over Spain

tennis2006: [b]153[/b]
PAW1. Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW2. Tsonga d. Pavel 6
PAW3. Mayer d. Lee 0
PAW4. Stepanek d. Darcis 7
PAW5. Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW6. Calleri d. Bogdanovic 6
PAW7. Johansson d. Levy 7
PAW8. USA d. Austria Doubles 7
PAW9. Russia d. Serbia Doubles 0
PAW10. Argentina d. Great Britain Doubles 16
PAW11. Israel d. Sweden Doubles 8
PAW12. Spain d. Peru Doubles 9
PAW13. Bryan d. Eschauer 54
PAW14. Kohlschreiber d. Lee 8
PAW15. Johansson d. Sela 10
PAW16. [s]Prieto d. Baker/Bogdanovic/Hutchins/Murray[/s]
SUPPAW1. Germany d. Korea Doubles 5
SUPPAW2. Trocki d. Youzhny
SUPPAW3. Czech Republic d. Belgium in match 5
SUPPAW4. Peru d. Spain in match 4

[b]6. Germany[/b]
Hotzenplotz: [b]110[/b]
PAW1 Stepanek def Darcis 7
PAW2 Johansson def Levy 7
PAW3 Mayer def Lee 0
PAW4 Koubek def Blake 0
PAW5 RUS doubles def SRB doubles 0
PAW6 Calleri def Bogdanovic 6 
PAW7 ISR doubles def SWE doubles 8
PAW8 ARG doubles def GBR doubles 16
PAW9 ESP doubles def PER doubles 9
PAW10 USA doubles def AUT doubles 7
PAW11 Johansson def Sela 10
PAW12 Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW13 Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW14 Bjorkman def Levy 7
PAW15 [s]Koubek def Roddick[/s]
PAW16 [s]Melzer def Blake[/s]
SUPP1 Tsonga def Hanescu
SUPP2 Clement def Hanescu
SUPP3 Llodra def Hanescu
SUPP4 Clement def Pavel
SUPP5 Llodra def Pavel 9
SUPP6 Horna def Robredo
SUPP7 Horna def Almagro
SUPP8 Horna def Verdasco
SUPP9 Horna def Lopez
SUPP10 Stepanek def Vliegen
SUPP11 Stepanek def Rochus
SUPP12 Troicki def Tursunov 16

Kielian: [s]62[/s]
PAW01: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW02: Bjorkman over Sela 0
PAW03: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW04: Hanescu over Gasquet 0
PAW05: Tsonga over Pavel 6
PAW06: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW07: Russia doubles over Serbia doubles 0
PAW08: Argentina doubles over Great Britain doubles 16
PAW09: Israel doubles over Sweden doubles 8
PAW10: Peru doubles over Spain doubles 0
PAW11: USA doubles over Austria doubles 7
PAW12: [s]Stepanek over Vliegen[/s]
PAW13: Johansson over Sela 10
PAW14: Kohlschreiber over Lee 8
PAW15: [s]Tsonga over Hanescu[/s]
PAW16: [s]Melzer over Blake[/s]

[b]7. Ireland[/b]
Frooty_Bazooty: [b]104[/b]
paw1: stepanek over darcis 7
paw2: sela over bjorkman 10
paw3: johansson over levy 7
paw4: lee over mayer 9
paw6: USA doubles over AUT doubles 7
paw7: RUS doubles over SRB doubles 0
paw8: ESP doubles over PER doubles 9
paw9: ISR doubles over SWE doubles 8
paw10: ARG doubles over GBR doubles 16
paw10: djokovic over davydenko 0
paw11: [s]stepanek over vliegen[/s]
paw12: johansson over sela 10
paw13: bjorkman over levy 7
paw14: kohlschreiber over lee 8
paw15: [s]youzhny over troicki[/s]
paw16: [s]tsonga over hanescu[/s]
supp1: arg rubber 4 over gbr rubber 4 6
supp2: arg rubber 5 over gbr rubber 5 0
supp3: ger rubber 5 over kor rubber 5 0
supp4: esp rubber 4 over per rubber 4
supp5: esp rubber 5 over per rubber 5

sdtoot: [b]85[/b]
PAW1: Calleri def Bogdanovic 6
PAW2: ARGENTINA doubles def GBR doubles 16
PAW3: Koubek def Blake 0
PAW4: ISR doubles def SWE doubles 8
PAW5: Mayer def Lee 0
PAW6: USA doubles def AUSTRIA doubles 7
PAW7: RUSSIA doubles def SERBIA doubles 0
PAW8: SPAIN doubles def PERU doubles 9
PAW9: GER doubles def KOREA doubles 5
PAW10: Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW11: Johansson def Sela 10
PAW12: Acasuso def Bogdanovic 6
PAW13: Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW14: FRA 5th rubber def ROM 5th rubber 3
PAW15: BEL 4th rubber def CZE 4th rubber 7
PAW16: USA 5th rubber def AUT 5th rubber 0
SUPP1: Koubek def Roddick
SUPP2: Darcis def Stepanek
SUPP3: O Rochus def Stepanek
SUPP4: Tursunov def Tipsarevic
SUPP5: Bjorkman def Levy
SUPP6: O Rochus def Dlouhy
SUPP7: ARG 5th rubber def GBR 5th rubber
SUPP8: Mayer def An

[b]8. Brazil[/b]
VaiBrasil: [b]78[/b]
PAW01: Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW02: Levy d. Johansson 7
PAW03: Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW04: Melzer d. Roddick 0
PAW05: Lee d. Mayer 9
PAW06: USA doubles d. AUS doubles 7
PAW07: ARG doubles d. GBR doubles 16
PAW08: SRB doubles d. RUS doubles 6
PAW09: ISR doubles d. SWE doubles 8
PAW10: ESP doubles d. PER doubles 9
PAW11: Djokovic d. Davydenko 0
PAW12: ARG 4th rubber d. GBR 4th rubber 6
PAW13: ARG 5th rubber d. GBR 5th rubber 0
PAW14: Sela d. Johansson 0
PAW15: ROM 5th rubber d. FRA 5th rubber 0
PAW16: AUT 4th rubber d. USA 4th rubber 0

SUPP1: AUT 5th rubber d. USA 5th rubber
SUPP2: ISR 5th rubber d. SWE 5th rubber

Robin Hood: [b]156[/b]
Paw 1: Argentina over Great Britain Doubles 16
Paw 2: Darcis def Stepanek 0
Paw 3: Israel def Sweden doubles 8
Paw 4: [s]Horna def Almagro[/s]
Paw 5: Lee def Mayer 9
Paw 6: Koubek def Blake 0
Paw 7: USA def Austria doubles 7
Paw 8: Tsonga def Pavel 6
Paw 9: Spain def Peru doubles 9
paw 10: Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
Paw 11: Johansson def Levy 7
Paw 12: Johansson def Sela 10
Paw 13: Bryan def Eschauer 54
Paw 14: Djokovic def Davydenko 0
Paw 15: BEL rubber 4 def CZE rubber 4 7
Paw 16: FRA rubber 4 def ROM rubber4 9
SuPPaw 1: Berdych def Vliegen 6
SupPaw 2: Prieto def Hutchins, Murray, Bogdanovic or Baker

GlennMirnyi: [b]75[/b]
PAW1: Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW2: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW3: Pavel over Tsonga 0
PAW4: Miranda over Robredo 0
PAW5: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW6: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW7: Russian doubles over Serbia doubles 0
PAW8: Argentinian doubles over British doubles 16
PAW9: Israel doubles over Swedish doubles 8
PAW10: Spanish doubles over Peruvian doubles 9
PAW11: USA doubles over Austrian doubles 7
PAW12: Johansson over Sela 10
PAW13: Kohlschreiber over Lee 8
PAW14: AUT 4th rubber over USA 4th rubber 0
PAW15: ROM 5th rubber over FRA 5th rubber 0
PAW16: Fakervic, ops Djokovic over Davydenko 0

[s]Netin!: Disqualified
PAW 1: Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW 2: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW 3: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW 4: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW 5: Serbia Doubles def. Russia doubles 6
PAW 6: Israel Doubles def. Sweden Doubles 8
PAW 7: Argentina Doubles def. Great Britain Doubles 16
PAW 8: USA doubles def. Austria doubles 7
PAW 9: France doubles def. Romania doubles 3
PAW 10: Spain doubles def. Peru doubles
PAW 11: Djokovic def. Davydenko
PAW 12: Belgium 4th ruber def. CZE Republic 4th ruber
PAW 13: Johansson def. Sela
PAW 14: Kohlschreiber def. Lee
PAW 15: Austria 4th ruber def. Usa 4th ruber
PAW 16: Prieto def. Baker, Bogdanovic, Hutchins or Jamie[/s]

A_Skywalker: [b]54[/b]
PAW 1 Mayer def Lee 0
PAW 2 Koubek def Blake 0
PAW 4 Acasuso/Nalbandian def Hutchins/J.Murray 16
PAW 5 Erlich/Ram def Asperin/Lindstedt 8
PAW 7 Lopez/Verdasco def Horna/Miranda 9
PAW 8 Mergea/Tecau def Clement/Llodra 0
PAW 9 Bryan/Bryan def Knowle/Melzer 7
PAW 10 [s]Pavel def Gasquet[/s]
PAW 11 [s]Koubek def Roddick[/s]
PAW 12 [s]melzer def Blake[/s]
PAW 13 [s]hanescu def tsonga[/s]
PAW 14 davydenko def djokovic 14
PAW 15 [s]troicki def youzhny[/s]
PAW 16 [s]stepanek def vliegen[/s]

propaganda: [b]78[/b]
PAW 01avydenko beat Djokovic 14
PAW 02: Stepanek beat Darcis 7
PAW 03: Mayer beat Lee 0
PAW 04: Johansson beat Levy 7
PAW 05: Koubek beat Blake 0
PAW 06: Austria beat USA 7
PAW 07: Spain beat Peru 9
PAW 08: Israel beat Sweden 8
PAW 09: Argentina beat Great Britain 16
PAW 10: Russia beat Serbia 0
PAW 11: Johansson beat Sela 10
PAW 12: Levy beat Bjorkman 0
PAW 13: [s]Koubek beat Roddick[/s]
PAW 14: [s]Melzer beat Blake[/s]
PAW 15: [s]Horna beat Robredo[/s]
PAW 16: [s]Stepanek beat Vliegen[/s]
SUP:1 Hanescu beat France 
SUP:2 Horna beat Spain

Nidalgina: [b]157[/b]
PAW 01 Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW 02 Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW 03 Israel doubles over Sweden doubes 8
PAW 04 Lee over Mayer 9
PAW 05 Kohlschreiber over Lee 8
PAW 06 Sela over Johansson 0
PAW 07 Czech Republic doubles over Belgium doubles 10
PAW 08 Spain doubles over Peru doubles 9
PAW 09 [s]Pavel over Gasquet[/s]
PAW 11 Bjorkman over Levy 7
PAW 12 Argentina 5r over Great Britain 5r 0
PAW 14 Argentina doubles over Great Britain doubles 16
PAW 15 USA doubles over Austria doubles 7
PAW 16 Russia doubles over Serbia doubles 0
SUPP1: Germany doubles over Korea doubles 5
SUPP3: Koubek over Blake

Damita: [b]88[/b]
PAW 1: Argentina doubles team over Great Britain doubles team 16
PAW 2 : Russia doubles team over Serbia doubles team 0
PAW 3 : Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW 4 : Sela over Bjorkman 10
PAW 5 : Israel doubles team over Sweden doubles team 8
PAW 6 : Mayer over Lee 0
PAW 7 : Calleri over Bogdanovic 6
PAW 8 : USA doubles team over Austria doubles team 7
PAW 9 : Tsonga over Pavel 6
PAW 10 : Spain doubles team over Peru doubles team
PAW 11: Sela over Johansson 0
PAW 12: Bjorkman over Levy 7
PAW 13: Kohlschreiber over Lee 8
PAW 14: [s]Tsonga over Hanescu[/s]
PAW 15: [s]Youzhny over Troicki[/s]
PAW 16: [s]Stepanek over Vliegen[/s]
SUPP 1 : Melzer over Blake
SUPP 2 : Koubek over Roddick
SUPP 3 : Darcis over Dlouhy 7
SUPP 4 : Clement over Hanescu
SUPP 5 : Horna over Robredo
SUPP 6 : Argentina 4th over Britain 4th 6
SUPP 7 : Argentina 5th over Britain 5th 0
SUPP 8 : B.Bryan over Austria

JBdV: [b]59[/b]
PAW1: Mayer def. Lee 0
PAW2: Russia def. Serbia doubles 0
PAW3: Stepanek def. Darcis 7
PAW4: Koubek def. Blake 0
PAW5: Melzer def. Roddick 0
PAW6: Calleri def. Bogdanovic 6
PAW7: Tsonga def. Pavel 6
PAW8: Argentina def. GB doubles 16
PAW9: Israel def. Sweden doubles 8
PAW10: Spain def. Peru doubles 9
PAW11: USA def. Austria doubles 7

eljab: [b]109[/b]
PAW1 Calleri d Bogdanovic 6
PAW2 Stepanek d. Darcis 7
PAW3 Elrich/Ram d. Aspelin/Lindstedt 8
PAW4 Lee d. Mayer 9
PAW5 Miranda d Robredo 0
PAW6 Tsonga d. Hanescu 6
PAW7 Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW8 Kohlschreiber d. Lee 8
PAW9 Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW10 [s]Stepanek d. Vliegen[/s]
PAW11 Double Argentine d. Double Great Britain 16
PAW12 Double USA d. Double Austria 7
PAW13 Djokovic d. Davydenko 0
PAW14 Johansson d. Sela 10
PAW15 Ruber 4 Belgium d. Ruber 4 Czech Republic 7
PAW16 [s]Youzhny d. Troicki[/s]
SUP1 Ruber 4 France d. Ruber 4 Romania 9
SUP2 Ruber 4 Argentina d. Ruber 4 Great Britain. 6

NyGeL: [b]69[/b]
PAW1: Israel Doubles over Sweden Doubles 8
PAW2: HT.Lee over F.Mayer 9
PAW3: Horna over Almagro
PAW4: Pavel over Tsonga 0
PAW5: Stepanek over Darcis 7
PAW6: Bjorkman over D.Sela 0
PAW7: T.Johansson over Levy 7
PAW8: Berdych over Vliegen 6
PAW9: Djokovic over Davydenko 0
PAW10: [s]Youzhny over Troicki[/s]
PAW11: T.Johansson over D.Sela 10
PAW12: Bjorkman over Levy 7
PAW13: Kohlschreiber over HT.Lee 8
PAW14: [s]Calleri, Acasuso or Prieto over Baker[/s]
PAW15: Darcis over Czech.Player 7
PAW16: [s]Tsonga over Hanescu[/s]

ExcaliburII: [b]110[/b]
Paw1: El Chino Miranda over Robredo 0
PAW2: Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW3: Levy def Johansson 0
PAW4: Hanescu def Gasquet 0
PAW5: Pavel def Tsonga 0
PAW6: Doubles Rou over Doubles Fra 0
PAW7: Koubek over Blake. 0
PAW8: Doubles ARG over Doubles GBR 16
PAW9: Serbia over Russia (4th Rubber) 0
PAW10: Serbia over Russia (5th Rubber) 16
PAW11: [s]Bob Bryan def Melzer[/s]
PAW12: Mike Bryan def Koubek 0
PAW13: Sela def Johansson 0
PAW14: Sweden over Israel (5th Rubber) 7
PAW15: Pavel over France 0
PAW16: [s]Hanescu over France[/s]
Sup2: Bob Bryan def Koubek
Sup3: Mike Bryan def Melzer
Sup4: Mike Bryan def Knowle
Sup5: Bob Bryan def Knowle
Sup6: Bob Bryan def Eschauer 54
Sup7: Mike Bryan def Eschauer
Sup8: Eschauer over Roddick
Sup9: Eschauer over Blake
Sup10: Darcis over Dlouhy 7
Sup11: Darcis over Berdych
Sup12: Rochus over Dlouhy
Sup13: Vliegen over Dlouhy
Sup14: Vliegen over Stepanek
Sup15: Bemelmans over Czech Republic
Sup16: Horna over Spain
Sup17: Miranda over Spain
Sup18: Tecau over Llodra
Sup19: Mergea over Llodra
Sup20: Arg def GBR (4th Rub)
Sup21: Arg def GBR (5th Rub)

GustavoM_Fan: [b]131[/b]
PAW#1 Berdych d. Vliegen 6
PAW#2 Stepanek d. Darcis 7
PAW#3 Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW#4 Johannson d. Levy 7
PAW#5 Mayer d. Lee 0
PAW#6 Miranda d. Robredo 0
PAW#7 Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW#8 Calleri d. Bogdanovic 6
paw#9 Russia Doubles d. Serbia Doubles 0
paw#10 Argentina Doubles d. Great Britain Doubles 16
paw#11 Israel Doubles d. Sweden Doubles 8
paw#12 Spain Doubles d. Peru Doubles 9
PAW#13 Kohslchreiber d. Lee 8
PAW#14 Sela d. Johansson 0
PAW#15 Levy d. Sweden (4th or 5th rubber) 0
PAW#16 Bob Bryan d. Austria (4th or 5th Rub) 54
SUP#1 Pavel d. France (4th or 5th Rub)
SUP#2 Horna d. Spain (4th or 5th Rub)
SUP#3 Russia 5 d. Serbia 5
SUP#4: Bob Bryan def Austria (4th Rub or 5th Rub)
SUP#5: Mike Bryan def Austria (4th Rub or 5th Rub)
SUP#6 Erlich d. Bjorkman
SUP#7 Ram d. Bjorkman
SUP#8: Darcis over CZECH (4th Rub or 5th Rub)
SUP#9: Arg def GBR (4th Rub)
SUP#10: Arg def GBR (5th Rub)
SUP#11: Hanescu d. France (4th or 5th)
SUP#12: Rochus over CZECH (4th or 5th)
SUP#13: Vliegen over CZEH (4th or 5th)
SUP#14:Tecau d. France (4th or 5th)
SUP#15:Mergea d. France (4th or 5th)
SUP#16:Miranda d. Spain (4th or 5th)

soltmann_89: [b]83[/b]
PAW01: Stepanek def. Darcis 7
PAW02: Mayer def. Lee 0
PAW03: Sela def. Bjorkman 10
PAW04: Israel team def. Sweden team (doubles) 8
PAW05: Kohlschreiber def. Lee 8
PAW06: Djokovic def. Davydenko 0
PAW07: Berdych def. Vliegen 6
PAW08: Russian team def. Serbian team (doubles) 0
PAW09: [s]Stepanek def. Vliegen[/s]
PAW10: Tsonga def. Pavel 6
PAW11: Sela def. Johansson 0
PAW12: Calleri def. Bogdanovic 6
PAW13: Argentina team def. Great Britain team (doubles) 16
PAW14: USA team def. Austria team (doubles) 7
PAW15: Spain team def. Peru team (doubles) 9
PAW16: AUT def. USA (5th rubber) 0
SUPP1: Czech def. Belgium (4th rubber) 0
SUPP2: Russia def. Serbia (5th rubber)
SUPP3: Germany def. Korea (5th rubber)
SUPP4: France def. Romania (4th rubber)
SUPP5: Spain def. Peru (4th rubber)
SUPP6: Spain def. Peru (5th rubber)

Alonsofz: [b]43[/b]
PAW 1: Sela over Björkman 10
PAW 2: Mayer over Lee 0
PAW 3: Miranda over Robredo 0
PAW 4: Koubek over Blake 0
PAW 5: Russia team over Serbia team 0
PAW 6: Argentina team over Great Britain team 16
PAW 7: Israel team over Sweden team 8
PAW 8: Spain team over Perú team 9
PAW 9: Romania team over France team 0

albop: [b]56[/b]
PAW 1: Stepanek def darcis 7
paw 2: Mayer def lee 0
paw 3: Horna def almagro
Paw 4: Sela Def Bjorkman 10
Paw5: Koubek Def Blake 0
paw6 Acasuso/Nalbandian def Hutchins/J.Murray  16
paw7:Kohlschreiber def
paw8:Johansson def sela 10
paw9: spain def peru doubles 9 
Paw 10: 4TH Point Austria Def 4 point usa 0
paw 11 5th point austria def 5 point usa 0
paw 13: spain 5th rubber def peru 5th rubber 4

Nadie: [b]35[/b]
PAW1: Russia doubles def Serbia doubles 0
PAW2: Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW3: Mayer def Lee 0
PAW4: Koubek vs Blake 0
PAW5: Horna def Almagro
PAW6: Sweden doubles def Israel doubles 0
PAW7: Romania doubles def France doubles 0
PAW8: Argentina doubles def Great Britain doubles 16
PAW9: Spain doubles def Peru doubles 9

Dmitriy: [b]73[/b]
PAW1 - Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW2 - Double team ISR def Double team SWE 8
PAW3 - Darcis def Stepanek 0
PAW4 - Argentina doubles def Great Britain doubles 16
PAW5 - Doubles team RUS def Doubles team SRB 0
PAW6 - Lee def Mayer 9
PAW7 - Levy def Bjorkman 0
PAW8 - Spain doubles def Peru doubles 9
PAW9 - USA doubles Austria doubles 7
PAW10 - Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW11 - Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW12 - [s]Koubek def Roddick[/s]
PAW13 - [s]Melzer def Blake[/s]
PAW14 - Sela def Johansson 0
PAW15 - [s]Stepanek def Vliegen[/s]
PAW16 - [s]Horna def Robredo[/s]
SUPP1 - Tsonga def Hanescu
SUPP2 - Stepanek def Rochus
SUPP3 - Horna def Almagro
SUPP4 - Horna def Verdasco
SUPP5 - Pavel def Llodra 0
SUPP6 - Pavel def Clement
SUPP7 - O. Rochus def Dlouhy
SUPP8 - Argentina (rubber 4) def Great Britain (rubber 4) 6
SUPP9 - Argentina (rubber 5) def Great Britain (rubber 5) 0

Tepasaf: [b]70[/b]
PAW 1: Serbia Doubles def. Russia doubles 6
PAW 2:Sela d. Bjorkman 10
PAW 3:Erlich/Ram d. Asperin/Lindstedt 8
PAW 4arcis d. Stepanek 0
PAW 5:Mayer d. Lee 0
PAW 6: Melzer d. Roddick 0
PAW 7: Koubek d. Blake 0
PAW 8: Lee def. Kohlschreiber
PAW 9: Argentina Doubles def. Great Britain Doubles 16
PAW 10: USA doubles def. Austria doubles 7
PAW 11: France doubles def. Romania doubles 3
PAW 12: Spain doubles def. Peru doubles 9
PAW 13: German doubles def. Korean doubles 5
PAW15 - [s]Vliegen def. Stepanek[/s]
PAW14 - [s]Horna def. Robredo[/s]
paw16: Serbian player def. Russian player Rubber 5
SUPP14 - ESP. def. Peru rubber 4  1

Foosimoo: [b]10[/b]
PAW1: Mayer def Lee 0
PAW2: Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW3: Koubek def Blake 0

Drikke: [b]69[/b]
PAW01 Mayer def Lee 0
PAW02 Darcis def Stepanek 0
PAW03 Sela def Bjorkman 10
PAW04 Pavel def Tsonga 0
PAW05 Melzer def Roddick 0
PAW06 Sweden Doubles def Israel Doubles 0
PAW07 Belgium def Czech Doubles 0
PAW08 Argentina def Great B Doubles 16
PAW09 USA def Austria Doubles 7
PAW10 Miranda def Robredo 0
PAW11 Djokovic def Davydenko 0
PAW12 SER Rubber 5 def RUS Rubber 5  16
PAW13 Kohlschreiber def Lee 8
PAW14 BEL Rubber 4 def CZE Rubber 4  7
PAW15 BEL Rubber 5 def CZE Rubber 5  5
PAW16 AUS Rubber 4 def USA Rubber 4  0
SUPP 1 : O Rochus def Stepanek 
SUPP2 AUS Rubber 5 def USA Rubber 5  0
SUPP 3 Peru 4TH def Spain 4TH
SUPP 4 Peru 5th def Spain 5th

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PAW1: Djokovic def. Youzhny
PAW2: Djokovic def. Davydenko
PAW3: Russia doubles team def. Serbia doubles team
PAW4: Darcis def. Stepanek
PAW5: Sela def. Bjorkman
PAW6: Mayer def. Lee
PAW7: Kohlschreiber def. Lee
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PAW1: Russia over Serbia doubles
PAW2: Stepanek over Darcis
PAW3: Argentina over Great B. doubles
PAW4: Sela over Bjorkman
PAW5: Johansson over Levy
PAW6: Israel over Sweden doubles
PAW7: Mayer over Lee
PAW8: Koubek over Blake
PAW9: USA over Austria doubles

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PAW 1:Youzhny d. Djokovic
PAW 2:Sela d. Bjorkman
PAW 3:Erlich/Ram d. Asperin/Lindstedt
PAW 4:Darcis d. Stepanek
PAW 5:Mayer d. Lee
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