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gulzhan, congrats to you! Best playing and good result! :rocker2:

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Congrats, Hotzenplotz! :yeah:
Congrats Christian :yeah:
robuś;6103095 said:
Congrats to Hotzenplotz, it's your 7th title
WELL DONE :worship:
Congrats to Hotzenplotz!!! Great playing!!! Good luck!
congrats Christian
congrats Christian :yeah:
Thanks everyone :D and especially Robus for running this :yeah:

thanks, nathii! :hug:

i am so glad to be second :banana: i lost to the no. 1 after all ;) and he copied my pick :p joke, christian :lol: this is specially for george :angel:
:lol: I actually kinda copied your pick ;). I was going to play Ferrer if at least one of my 3 then still active competitors played him.
341 - 347 of 347 Posts