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Welcome in the PAW Managers Thread
and I would like to invite all of you to join management :)


PAW tournaments and managers (red means played)


Doha -Evita-
Chennai sdtoot
Brisbane leoneo

JAN 12
Sydney Yves.
Auckland - sdtoot

JAN 19 Grand Slam
Melbourne -Evita-

Viña del Mar - sdtoot
Zagreb - robuś
Johannesburg- South Africa greatkingrat

Costa do Sauipe nkp2
Rotterdam Boarder35m
San Jose -Evita-

FEB 16
Marseille qczi
Memphis -Evita-
Buenos Aires TankingTheSet

FEB 23
Acapulco hallso
Dubai Action Jackson
Delray Beach Boarder35m

MAR 9 Masters 1000
Indian Wells greatkingrat

MAR 23 Masters 1000
Miami hallso

Houston jrm
Casablanca Caio_Brasil

APR 13 Masters 1000
Monte-Carlo sdtoot

APR 20
Barcelona hallso

APR 27 Masters 1000
Rome sdtoot

Estoril nkp2
Belgrade jrm
Munich Boarder35m

MAY 11 Masters 1000
Madrid -Evita-

MAY 18
Kitsbuhel nkp2

MAY 25 Grand Slam
Paris sdtoot

Halle FilipeMB
London Aguante_el_Gato

JUN 15
’s-Hertogenbosch Drikke
Eastbourne nkp2

JUN 22 Grand Slam
Wimbledon hallso

Newport Caio_Brasil

JUL 13
Bastad Caio_Brasil
Stuttgart sdtoot

JUL 20
Indianapolis -Evita-
Hamburg hallso

JUL 27
Los Angeles sdtoot
Gstaad Boarder35m
Umag Caio_Brasil

Washinghton sdtoot

AUG 10 Masters 1000
Montreal TankingTheSet

AUG 17 Masters 1000
Cincinnati Aguante_el_Gato

AUG 24
New Haven jrm

AUG 31 Grand Slam
New York sdtoot

SEP 21
Metz hallso
Bucharest -Evita-

SEP 28
Kuala Lumpur jrm
Bangkok jrm

Beijing hallso
Tokyo Caio_Brasil

OCT 12 Masters 1000
Shanghai sdtoot

OCT 19
Stockholm jrm
Moscow Action Jackson

OCT 26
Lyon jrm
Vienna ntorcida
St. Petersburg Nedved Rosicky

Basel sdtoot
Valencia ?

NOV 9 Masters 1000
Paris hallso

NOV 22 ATP Finals
London ?


PAW scoring points calculation

PLAYER'S A ranking pts: A
PLAYER'S B ranking pts: B

Player's A PAW scoring pts: = SQRT (100*B / A) or 10*SQRT(B)/SQRT(A)
Player's B PAW scoring pts: = SQRT (100*A / B) or 10*SQRT(A)/SQRT(B)
(SQRT=square root)


Madrid 2007 Final:


FEDERER, Roger rank pts: 7355
NALBANDIAN, David rank pts: 1195

FEDERER, Roger PAW Scoring pts = SQRT (100*1195/7355) = 4.03 = 4
NALBANDIAN, David PAW Scoring pts = SQRT (100*7355/1195) = 24.81 = 25

FEDERER, Roger vs NALBANDIAN, David ..........(4-25)


1. The ranking list to be used for PAW scoring points is the ranking at the time of the draw,
   normally it's the previous week's ranking (but in Indian Wells and Miami case 
   the draw comes out AFTER the new ranking is released)

2. Round off all scoring pts to the nearest integer, eg. 10.49 = 10 but 10.50 = 11.

3. In case of unranked player or a player who has less than 40 ranking pts, 
   he is allocated 40 pts for the calculation of PAW scoring points.

For beginning manager
basically, the manager has 2 main tasks:

1. Publishing the matches and scoring points. It's important that the scoring points are published as soon as possible, because the players take them in consideration when selecting their picks for the next day of play.
2. Calculating the scores for each player and publishing the standing. This is usually done after each day of play (or after each round in 2-weeks tournaments). Although the timing of publishing the standing is not as important as the scoring points, it would be good do do it as soon as possible. Players like to know where they rank, especially in the latter stages (after the QF and SF) when players take the standing and the picks of other players in consideration.

Generally, the time required for the standing depend on the # of matches played, so the work load at the start of the week is the hardest and it gets lighter as the tournament progress...

More matches and more players yield more work for the manager... that's why I suggest that people who aren't sure they have the time to do it to take smaller tournaments for a start...

Of course, to be able to function as manager you must have access to the internet on every day of the tournament (from the time the main draw is done until the final).
You should be aware what's going on in the tournament and be ready to make adjustments when necessary (for example: occasionally the draw is changed due to withdrawal so the matches and scoring points have to be changed).

Another important task is to check the validity of picks, in particular look after "late picks", IE picks that were posted after the match start, or may have started, and therefor should be "invalid pick" and not be counted.

A manager should also know the fine details of the game rules, so it is suggested to read thoroughly the "PAW rulebook" (link to which should appear on the first message of the PAW tournament thread).
All managers, please don't forget about the name format in ranking table which I've mentioned here
Name has exactly 23 symbols (letters)
thank you :wavey:

ZIP file includes simple template excel sheets for 13, 16, 26-picks paw and special Evita's Templates, it can be easy modified by inserting (or deleting) additional lines and columns.

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Nice thread :yeah:

Much clearer like that....

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I'll be back to managing in 2008, not sure when yet. :wavey:

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Sign me up for Delray Beach. :wavey:

What is the best way to set these up in Excel? :confused:

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robuś;6339750 said:
added to post#1
AO is yours :wavey:
:woohoo: thanks a lot!!!

I'll add lots of new stuffs to the first GS of the year :)

And the timezone won't be a big problem, as when i wake up the last match is usually being played :yeah:

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I can take San Jose
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