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R1 of Sony Ericsson Open:

Paulo def. Vliegen (in style! :smoke: ) 6/1 6/1

You're bringing sexy back in Miami!!!! :lol:
The scoreline is very impressive. I guess he's trying to impress Guy Forget for a spot in DC team :rolls:

Next match is going to be a lot tougher, though... R2 against seeded player, Melzer. He's been in a great form lately. But what the hell, I know you can do it!!

Alleeeezzz Paulo! :bounce:

Ps. I'm so glad Paulo won you some vCash, Fergie :rocker2:
Pss. I actually bet 800 agianst him :lol:

Inspired by Paulo because Coldplay is his favorite band. I'm not the biggest fan of Coldplay, except for this one particular song, "Yellow".

One of the most beautiful lyrics. And Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin sings it amazingly good. His voice is so perfect for this song.


"For you I bleed myself dry."

Oh my God, this is THE most meaningful way to express your love for someone. (A little scary, but so what?! :p ) I can't believe a human being can come up with this!

No wonder why Paulo is so romantic! :aplot:

I mean..."For you I bleed myself dry"... It's like saying, "I love you so much that I would die for you."
But God, "For you I bleed myself dry". It's incredibly romantic! It's so Beautiful. Simply a work of art.

Your skin, your skin and bones
Turn in to something beautiful
Do you know, you know I love you so?
For you I bleed myself dry



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