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Adee-gee,, escude, mariav and a few others I've forgotten.

Continually giving me crap. What have I ever done to Adee-gee and escude? Nothing. Jim recruited them to have a go at me and they're having a go at me without knowing me and judging me without knowing me based on what Jim has apparently told them.

They're pathetic low minded individual's and it just goes to show the trash that is on this Earth, which I might say is poor, very poor. I just hope these morons have a heart and I wish to God they all endure what I've endured my whole life. I never thought I'd wish it on anyone, but I will. No one knows what I've been through my whole life. No one knows what I've had to put up with. (Actually my best friend does)

And with what these morons have done, I hope that they suffer what I have had to suffer. Maybe then it will wake them up.

I may be the biggest joke on MTF, but I just hope these imbecils suffer what I have had to suffer.

I've had enough!

Sorry if this offended people but I constantly don't like being treated like crap because I am not a crap person, I have never been a crap person and I will never be a crap person. I'm a guy with feelings, a normal guy. I understand this is cyberspace, but this place was meant to be a good place when I joined out. Turns out I was dead wrong. There's a few decent people here and hopefully you don't turn on me too.

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