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Thank you so much caramel for the video clip.

Yes the kid in that video is Paradorn Srichaphan. :D

This is a commercial movie of Sriayudhya Bank. They made this movie and broadcasting in Thai local TV a couple month ago. If my memory isn't wrong Paradorn recieved more than 10 million baht ( 43 baht = $ 1 US ) for this commercial. They also gave an complimentary life insurance for Srichaphan family when they travel aborad.

You may not know that Mr. Chanachai Srichaphan (Paradorn's Dad) once used to work for Sriayudhya Bank before. Mr. Chanachai has resigned from Sriayudya Bank 15 years ago and travel aboard with Paradorn in the ATP curcuit. That is the reason why Mr. Chanachai and Paradorn being the presenter of this comercial movie.

:) :) :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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