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A sunny Saturday (Not in Miami, of course :p ) was begging me to go out and play tennis for the first time in... God knows how long :scratch:

It took me a while to find my forehand, but after that I hit the ball as hard as Fernando Gonzalez ;) Oh well, except I couldn't get the ball in the court :lol:

I started to play around noon, when the sun was right above my head. The condition here is pretty much like Miami, except there's no beach and CSI :p

Back on the court, I felt like something went wrong ---really wrong, after I hit my Roddick-like serve :lol: It's like my neck had just been twisted 360 degree :scared:

A few hours after playing, my friend asked me what happened. My respond was, "How many muscle do we have? Well, every one of them hurt right now!!" :lol:

I thought last night was the worst it's going to get... but I could barely get up this morning! I've just given up my favorite pancake because I couldn't get my butt of the bed :crying2:

This surely takes muscle soreness to a whole new level!!

Suddenly, many Frenchies are doing well. It's like they're all want to be in a DC team! 99.99% that Guy will choose Richard, but another single player... Guy has a tough choice to make!


I hope I'll live to watch Paulo vs Feña later today :dance:

Alleeeez, Paulo :bounce:
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