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:: Paulo lost to Tipsy 6-7, 4-6 in Moscow 1st round ::

This isn't good -- I'm starting to see the end of the road here!

It's like you've tried EVERYTHING but still... nothing works!

You must be tired... well, because I suddenly DO!

Sometimes, we're tried of trying, hoping, dreaming and doing things that never really works!
When you're tired of trying... you stop hoping... then you stop "dreaming" which is the most important thing in life...
And we're reaching the worst stage of all... we stop 'doing' it! ---> that's the end of everything!!!

I hope you don't give up...

*please don't!*

/// Knowing you has opened my eyes to new a dimension of life... in a weird way -- I thank you for giving me a chance to learn how to cope with failure. Seriously, I think my greatest quality would be the fact that I've never really can give up... I might sounded like I was going to once in a while but deep down I always know that I can't! Seeing and knowing what you have been through in your (tennis) life, mine was just a little struggle.

/// Without you, I wouldn't know how to fight... and I know now that fighting doesn't always lead to winning -- it only means that you are NOT ready to give up and also the fact that you're qualified as a human being! --- I could say you worth your place in the world!

/// And I've come to realize that... you can NEVER please EVERYONE! There's NO freaking way in the universe that you could! No matter how hard you try... there will ALWAYS be people who don't appreciate you or what you do. There are more than one side to see the exact same thing... that what makes this world goes around! That what makes our lives go on. It gives us something to fight against --- I guess!

/// Taking some time off -- it's not giving up -- it's just one way to restart it all... it means you're preparing yourself to start all over again.
That is one of, if not, the hardest things in life... to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Not everyone has that quality in them. Starting things test your creativity, talent, energy and courage. But to start AGAIN, it takes all requirements above and more... it takes your heart desire + a strong will --- it's never easy to make up your mind and convince it to do something that fail before. Will your heart ready for the fact that you might lose it all AGAIN! Is first cut the deepest?! I'm not sure about that. If the first cut is deep... the second one, at the same wound, will definately go father! Not so many people want to take the second cut in life! --- That's why people are giving up... I guess we're just trying to protect ourselves!

/// In our lives, there's a particular moment when it changed you -- many for the better, many for the worse -- your moment is, without a doubt, the day you lost in DC Final... but believe it or not -- that exact same moment changed me for the better!
I didn't even 'care' about you back then... but in that second that you lost ... I began to wonder, how could you possibly live your life after this??!! How would you take this bitter obstracle? And you were just 20 back then -- I started to learn about you and about life in general ever since! --- After 4 years of observation, I now can proudly say that you ARE a great fighter! Sure, your life could be better, much better but of course, it could be MUCH worse if you hadn't put up a fight! Many, including me, would give up and take whatever life might lead me to... But you has always made it happen... You've always tired to force thing to happen... you make it! Win or lose... you hold it in your hands! You respect yourself. You trust yourself even if you don't know what's going to happen --- still, you trust in your ability to control your life. It feels great to know that you're living your life instead of let your life living for you. *I'm glad that I've never seen you give up... really!*

/// It's true... you learn more from losing than from winning!

/// Thinking about you, I always think about your fighting quality (which likely to be 'invisible' for most people!). It's never easy to pick yourself up each time you fall... But you've done it a thousand times! ---- you know what?!... it means you're not losing AT ALL! If you fall a thousand times and you rise up each time to fight again... the result of this equation is that you never really fall! >> You stand up, then you fall down but then you STAND UP again! In the end, you're still...standing! --- It's a simple truth!

"When you get the choice to sit it out or dance... I hope you dance."

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