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Yesterday me and my best friend decided to leave school for what it was for one day (we did not skip school, we just needed a break from our computers ;)) and we took a trip to Texel. Which is one of the little islands directly above Holland. The day did not start out all that great, my friend was late, so was the train and I saw the one person I really did not want to see. Anyway, moving on, the rest of the day was excellent. The weather was great and we found the cutest little bakery at Texel where I had some pie that was...Well, I didn't even mind that I was not keeping to my diet. That was one good piece of pie. We toured the island for a day and went to Amsterdam on our way back where we ate pizza in a restaurant that we just love. Luckily the waiter loves us too...Hi Tony! :p
After a long day we came back in Rotterdam where I now have enough new energy to work on my thesis. And with that in mind...Gotta go!

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