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I've just got my wisdom tooth surgically removed!!!

Ouch... a BIG OUCHHH!!!

I almost passed out when I saw those bloods :scared:

:secret: And I'm likely to become a doctor... hmmm that doesn't look good! :rolls:

My tooth, according to my dentist, was laid in a really difficult position to remove! SO she asked another dentist to help her out... like having a really shape knife stuck in my mouth wasn't scary enough!

And God, during the surgery... one of them said, "She is bleeding too much. I guess this is the deepest we could go." :eek: Bleeding too much?!? Why can't they just keep it a secret!!! I was so scared knowing what could possibly happen from bleeding too much...

Of couse, I could bleed out to death!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

*Later, my dentist said that was a total :bs: because bleeding in term of dental wasn't 'that' bad. It's just blocking the view of the tooth, she couldn't do any further procedures. But then again, can you blame me?! Duh! :lol: *

Oh, and the pain killers don't really work their magic right now!




I'll have to remove the other one on Monday... :bolt:
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