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Recently I went to dentist for the first time in 4 years. Yes, 4 years. I never went to the dentist during the last 4 years because I didn't have any problem with my teeth. No pain at all... I could have gone for a controle, but I didn't decide to go till last week. Well I decided to go this time because I felt 4 year absence is quite long, why not give a shot for just a controle...

I kinda expected, but I had some tartar expecially between the teeth, so I had to remove that. Additionally I had two small (not so bad) holes which should be taken care of. The hole filling was not so bad, but this so called cleaning was a hell. I don't write it here how painful it was, but it was bloodily painful... I just don't want to think of it.. :p

But, at the end, I am happy that I went to dentist. Despite of paying much money, my teeth got tartar-free and hole-free. I think I am going to dentist at least once a year as she suggested me...


Something completely different now. Just around the corner of where I live, a new store opened its door for the first time. They sell stuff from eastern Europe, mostly food including normal vegetables. I went there on the opening day and there were quite many people who apparently are from east Europe. It was kinda cool to see some products from that region. :) One thing which drew my attention was the price of onion. 5kg 5.00 Fr. (Swiss francs) and 10 kg 12.50 Fr.... ???? Something is not right there.... Don't you think???

On Monday the new semester begins... both :bounce: and :scared: for me.


Luna here~~I just now discovered your blog. Very interesting. You write well~~and I can relate to the *teeth cleaning*~horrible. I hate it. I usually go twice a year to get it done, but I start shaking always, before entering the office.
Also, I have cancelled many appointments.
Peace to you~~
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