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Last week, was again a tough week, lot of work at the work, but it seems that it's going to be quiet soon. I have to finish everything this week before leaving to Göteborg.

I've been invited by the Tourist office of Göteborg with my colleague, from August 7-9. We're going to visit the city, the isle of Marstrand, and during two days, we'll attend to the European Athletics Championships :banana: So, It's going to be great !! First time of my life that I'm going to attend to an athletics competition :) We'll have VIP tickets :)

I still have a lot of holidays to take (44 days), before May 2006. The problem is that I don't know when I can take them. Last year, I've been to a surfing competition. I like surfing competition a lot but it's a bit complicated, because they can move the place depending on the waves. Last year, I've been lucky because they didn't move, but if they move, I don't have a car to go there, so not easy. This year, I decided to not go, won't see Kelly Slater :( but I saw him many times last year and took many great pictures, and it's too late to plan a trip to the US OPEN, going lonely there is not great for the hotels so...Maybe, I'll do a beautiful trip during the winter :lol: Still plan to go to Madrid, but will be able to go there only for the week-end of the qualies, then, I have to be at the agency cause my colleague will be on holidays at that period. I think I'll have my week off for Bercy, hopefully !! Well, complicated !!

Yesterday evening, I watched two episodes of LOST, this time it was ok and interesting. So, I enjoyed it. I had some problems with the beginning of the 2nd season.

Tennis :

Happy birthday Fernando :aparty: :bdaycake:
He unfortunately lost in L.A in the singles and in the doubles for his b-day. Sad for him :hug:

Carlos lost in Umag vs Djokovic :(

Sad saturday for my faves !!

Anyway, good luck to Tommy Haas in the final in L.A :bounce:

Also, happy b-day to Aurélie, she's born the same day of Gonzo. Hope she liked the pics I sent her (Tommy and her) :aparty: :bdaycake:

Last time : I took the decision to close the website, I don't know when but very soon. The reasons ? On the website.

Have a nice sunday everyone :bigwave:
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