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Last night was a dinner with ppl from school in a famous night club near the Champs Elysees. The nightclub part I knew I wouldn't like it (i'm definitely not a nightclubber, and I don't dance except if there's some Rn'B... it was only techno music so erm, spent the evening on a couch), but I went there for the dinner part because it was just ppl from school and we wanted to do something all together out of school for once.

But it sucked. The waiters kept taking everything (glasses, plates) away from our table even when we hadn't finished. :mad: Oh and the ppl we have elected to our bureau of students (and who organized this) had told us drinks would be illimited during the dinner and we would only have to pay when the club opens to strangers. But in fact it was only free wine. We had to pay for other drinks. So we asked for water, and the waiters were mad at us of course ;) (the wine they had was poor quality, it costs them nothing, while on the contrary bottles of Evian water are expensive!). So basically they were rude with us all night. :rolleyes:

They all danced except a friend and I (but we had fun observing middle-aged men trying to seduce our 'young' girl friends from school. Pathetic :lol: :p).
Went back home at 3:30am.
That definitely didn't worth 25euros!

I slept until noon and then did nothing at all for the rest of the day. I's now 8pm (almost) and I'm still in my PJs. Very active today :eek:

moi non plus j'aime pas trop la techno, enfin, t'as pu t'amuser :) Il est de quelle couleur ton pyjama? :lol:
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