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I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have been getting lots of work done. Congratulations to Roger Federer for extending his quarterfinal streak to 26, defending his points from last year, and extending his GS streak to 26! Make it 28, Roger! If he does, though, he has to beat both Nalbandian and Nadal, :eek:, and no one will ever be able to say he didn't earn it. Yes, I'm technically taking for granted that Nadal is able to beat Djokovic and either Ljubicic or Benneteau with his eyes closed.

At this point, if Federer loses I don't think it can be called an upset. He's got the number 3 and then the number 2 player ahead of him, and both have winning head-to-heads with him. I rather impressionistically give him a 65-70% chance of beating Nalbandian and a 40-45% chance of beating Nadal. Before Rome it would have been 30%, so he's coming up in the world. I have no idea what the markets or the experts say, and I am very unqualified to toss of actual numbers.

Well, I was rather hoping Nalbandian wouldn't make the semis, but tough, and it will be kind of neat to have the 1-4 seeds in the semis if Ljubicic wins, which he should. What else? I hope Federer hasn't peaked too soon. I wonder if it's going to be a factor that Nadal's been running more. I don't take the time spent on court strictly seriously, because of the long rests between points, but he is still playing more.

Oh, and Deb has very generously (insanely generously?) invited me to spend Saturday night at her place so I can watch the final Sunday morning! :bounce: So it had better be a Federer-Nadal final, because I'm *not* going for a Nalbandian-Nadal, and a Federer-Ljubicic/Djokovic/Benneteau is probably not worth going out of my way either, although I will probably go just to watch Fed do the Slam.

Consider this: Of all the denizens of MTF, I have only been PMing with one and have found her both there and in her posts to be intelligent, nice, and sane. Thinking you know people over the internet is tricky, and I'm not the trusting type in general, but there is one person whose place I would actually accept an invitation to. Statistically, given the international nature of MTF, there is probably only one person living within about a five mile radius of me.

What are the odds that it's the same person? Seriously. And what are the odds that she's the type to enthusiastically invite you over when you're totally not expecting or asking for it and you've never even met? That's way more generous than I am.
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