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I'm just writing this entry for vcash I think. Also because it is the middle of the night and there is nothing else to do. I have no idea why I'm up. I've been exhausted for maybe 5 years now. And I'm going to Germany TOMORROW!!!1 For my cousin's wedding. Only that will probably make me more exhausted. And then I won't be able to get on here and do PTS :sad: I suck at it anyways, but I'm not sure why I even started it. And set point and suicide on WTAW. I'm an idiot. Hey someone really needs to get suicide going on here full time. But not me. It's too confusing :lol: On WTAW you get I think 5 DOLLARS vcash for ranking photos. I just discovered it. I have practically no posts or vcash on there. I just used it for vbetting and lost all my money, and now they don't even have it anymore. I NEED VBETTING. I suddenly got addicted to it after it stopped being there all the time. Isn't that very stupid and tragic?

I'm waiting for my iPod to charge but IT'S TAKING FOREVER :explode: It's been charging for THREE AND A HALF HOURS NOW GRRRR

Oh so my most pointless entry is my longest. I think I talk most when I have nothing to say :unsure:
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