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Hopefully MTF does not eat me this time. I will not be impressed should this occur.

Okay, so it's occured to me that the only reason I was interested in law school was that I have this ridiculous complex whereby I need to prove to people back home that I'm better than them. Ridiculous, I know. I already am better than them, duh. But that's how I felt. I had to go to some nice law school and get a fancy degree so that I could prove I was smart and useful. Whatever. That's an awful reason to do anythig. If I went for that reason I would wake up one day and be 35 and hate my life.

I want to teach. My father, who is a teacher, has tried talking me out of that idea forever so I never allowed myself to seriously consider it in the long term. But what the Hell. He's had a decent life teaching, so can I. It won't make you rich, but I'm not big on material possessions anyways. As long as I can afford to travel like a bum once in a while, and when the time comes, put some money away for my kids or my siblings's kids... then I am content. I was raised by a single mum who could hardly make ends meet - I won't let that happen to me. But it doesn't have to if I teach and don't try to live above my means.

In order to do this I might go to grad school in a couple years and do a thesis related to psychology of learning of some sort, blah. I don't know what I want to study exactly, yet, so that's why i need a couple years to build my resume and do some stuff for myself. Maybe something on ADD and women/girls - most of the research is on men and is thus of little use to me, personally. Live a little.

I'm so full of ideas... it's a pity that I don't follow through on most of them! That's an ADD trait, ya know. Lots of ideas, little ability to organize, motivate, and get around to turning those ideas into something. That is something I will work on in the next couple years.

Anyways, so I'm at work. My library hot guy is not here today, but lots of others are! Who knew that vet guys was where it's at. I should have spent more time going to the vet frat parties, yo. The two I went to were good but I'm too shy to chat people up, usually :p

Oh well, maybe in my next life. :D

I drank coffee on an empty stomache today. It's like DRUGS to me like that. Ridiculous.

/end rant.

ETA - woooo, this guy I went to highschool with just came by. HE IS REALLY GOOD LOOKING. But he used to date my best friend's kid sister, so he's sadly unfuckable. Oh well, I can still look.
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