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A thought crossed my mind some days ago about this whole promotion thing.

Although it's great I'm even getting one, an office mate suggested to me that I should have the position above the one I'm getting because I do have a college degree-whereas, the person who will occupy the position does not. Secondly, this person may not be up to working evening hours, which the job will require. If that's the case, then I'm willing to step in and do what's required-and do it for a couple of days a week.

If that's the case, then I feel as if I should be third behind the Director and Assistant Director. I do have the technical and administrative know-how (not that this other person doesn't, but hey....I'm not judging). Should I pursue the matter, or should I let it drop? I'm at the point now where I want more-not just money but something much more significant in my professional life.

That's why I want my master's be more competitive and more employable. This is one item of discussion with my academic advisor-in addition to the PRAXIS exam next semester. Perhaps in summer or fall 2006, I'll consider taking the GRE for the first time (I don't qualify for a fee waiver...:sad: ) and wait out the scores. Now....I'm debating which schools to attend and what programs I want to pursue a master's degree in. At first, I wanted it in Secondary Education, but now...I'm having doubts.

Now, I'm considering English, Educational Counseling and Psychology, and Higher Education as possible choices. I still want to be in higher education as a professor, then eventually a dean/chairperson. Ok...maybe I need to step back from this a little and examine what it is I really want.
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