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Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! :banghead: I knew this is gonna happen! I just knew it! The draw is horrible!!!! :scared: Gonzalez in the first round for Marat and Santoro for Chucho! :bigcry: this simply tops a f***ing "great" week :rolleyes: Oh boy, this is going to be tough. Really tough!!!
Remember what I said a few days ago about VACATION??? Well, forget about it! my chemistry teacher pulled out a horrible stunt on us today. She is going to test us every remaining class until the end of the semester. And she said she will not pass us nless we know everything! :sobbing: Exactly what I needed after that darn exam in maths! :rolleyes: So...there will be no thinking about VACATION at least the following 2 weeks! How am I ever to watch RG properly???? i hate my teachers! They prevent me from enjoying my all-time favourite grand slam! :explode:
Going back to the RG draw, I must say that for a first time, Roger's half is harder than Rafa's! That's certainly something new! So far, Roger got the easier draw! And about Marat's first match (because I don't dare say that this is going to be his only one) I'm really confused! I don't have a clue who will win :shrug: Actually, my head says Gonzo but my heart says Marat! I hope my heart is right...bacause my head has done a lot of mistakes lately! :mad: But if my head is wrong about this match, I'll certainly be more than happy! :angel:
DAVAI MARAT!!!!!! I have faith in you! You can do it!!! At least if you don't want Peter to :armed: you!!! :lol: Lots of good luck!
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