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OFF SEASON NEWS: Knocked Down in 2007, But Getting Back Up Again In 2008

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Okay, I know, there's supposed to be two more tournaments to go.

But Nico should just go home and think about 2008.

I'm ignoring these last two tournaments. :tape: :angel: :lol:

2007 has been a nightmare.

In 2008, Nico needs to get a new coach and a whole new strategy.

So here's the theme song for 2008:

;) :lol:
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I was about to say that we need vacations of this but actually we have only suffered like one day every week and that's all :tape: I feel like if the off season would have started since the midle of the year for him :shrug: I can't remember when was the last time that I follow more of one match every 7 days :sobbing:

This can't be the end!! he has to come back no matter if this means that I should stop following him for being the big jinx :bigcry:
btw I know it's ridiculous but I just checked your theme song and I loved that song :haha: it makes me wanna jump around the room everytime that I listen to it :rolls:

I love that song too - I always get up and dance around the room. :lol: :lol:
and the lyrics are the same over and over again :rolls: I get knocked out but I get up again you've never going to keep me down :bounce: :lol:
and the lyrics are the same over and over again :rolls: I get knocked out but I get up again you've never going to keep me down :bounce: :lol:
That's why I like it too - Nico must get back up again. :sad: Tennis won't be the same unless he's there in the mix of things. :sad:
now I have this song in my head :ras:
now I have this song in my head :ras:
Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. :eek: :lol:
sorry Tommy, I like hairy guys but your song doesn't beat Nicofan's song :eek:

:singer: I get knocked out :bounce: :bounce:
one hit wonder :lol:

This is my 2008 theme:


Excellent song TommyB! :yeah: The lyrics fit too.

And love the hair on the guys. :woohoo: :lol:
I'm going to post this everyday until it happens: :angel: :lol:

Wishing, hoping, praying for a new coach in 2008. :yeah:

I think we're going to see then a loooot of posts from you NicoFan :rolleyes: :lol:
I don't even have an idea who could be a good coach for Nico :shrug: .. but they should know more about coaches available than us :p .. but I don't have my hopes too high about a change in that matter :retard:

you know who I miss so much?? :awww: :lol: ... I don't know why and I even have not seen Nico without him :rolls:
I miss Gaby too. It's a shame that it didn't work out between them. He was so good to Nico. And contrary to opinion by la familia de tenis :rolleyes:, he was an excellent coach. :sad:

A lot of this is Nico. Just his comments about Gaby show that he isn't really looking for the "right" things from a coach. A coach isn't a buddy to travel the world with. A coach is a person who kicks your butt so you'll win. A person like Jimmy who says - losing is not an option.

I don't know who is available. I can only hope that he'll chose a coach for the right reasons this time. And get someone who will kick his butt.
(And get an American so I can see him more. :angel: :lol: )
Well la familia del tenis can kiss my .... :lol: ... he is a great coach no matter what they say, he is a coach and he did a good job also taking care of the boy, we know how crazy Nico drove him during all these years, nobody else would have stay all that time with Nico :lol:

and you know that I totally agree with you about the rest :rolls: ... but anyway it's a mu point to keep talking about this :p

the only thing that I want if he gest a new coach is that he never skips the LA swing, he can go wherever he wants after that :lol:
I know that it's a moot point but I can't help myself. :lol: I'm worried that he's going to stay with Pato and Nano. :tape:

And I agree about the LA swing...he has to do that, and I doubt that he would ever not play in those tournaments. It makes me really annoyed with the LA players don't bother to support those tournaments. :(
he can keep Nano as his travel buddy :lol: but he needs another coach not Pato for godnesake :tape:

I also doubt that he ever thinks about skipping the LA tournaments but I can't help myself and I'm always worried about that :lol: we only have that month of tournaments here and that's it, nothing for the rest of the year :awww: and I agree with you about the LA players not supporting those tournaments, I mean the ones that have a "good ranking" always sing up and withdraw at the last minute and you only see the announcement on a newspaper when you arrived to the tournament, I won't mention names :tape: ... it's hard to believe that someone like JCFerrero and Moya are the ones that you can see on those tournaments except our well ranked players :p
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