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As I had that bold imagination of myself being possibly very annoying at times, what usually covers up these spotlights when I'm a funny smartass, I have accidentaly popped into the WTAworld forum.

Some more familiar with that little world people don't have to read the further content, but I do wonder does it have anything in common, that those posters who prefer feminine tennis have also some feminine nature, with the worst possible features of the players they support. A lot of catfights, gossips and nasty comments more than in here (yes) plus crying posts in case of a loss of a beloved player (here only, if somebody is to lose money: you *%%%$$ retire!!!).

They even have a chat thread "Annoying posters" with a list. We don't.

But what makes me distracted the most, is their ranking of players in their mind, based on who deserves on being on which place. But not that it has anything to do with skills or current shape. It's based on a personal bias. Before the match Radwanska - Pironkova I read Pironkova DESERVED to win. After the match I read Pironkova was a better player (posted by those who didn't see the match) and DESERVED to win. Well, actually Radwanska made a total fool out of Pironkova and showed all the disadvantages of tennis of the Bulgarian: how slow she is and that hard hitting is her only weapon, but for no longer than few shots, later she loses the whole rally idea. Anyway... tennis is such a game where many many balls and points are played. There are hundreds of chances to turn the game around. Even lucky nets or umpire's decision can be just a few. It's not football where one lucky action is deciding. Somebody who won in tennis, deserved it that way.

That's why certain posters are annoying... But posts of Jogy I'm reading in World Cup thread make me nervous as well. I should calm down. Duh.

You should try and stop it yourself! Past week you have become very very annoying again :tape: There was a short period where you were like this before

:lol: Possibly your mental and medical problems though? So we will let you off :angel: Maybe they transplanted some loonys blood into you :eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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