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Seriously, Paulo... a brain surgery should be under your consideration! :eek:

Nando def. Paulo 3-6, 6-3, 7-5

Good thing you bothered to win that first set so it didn't look too bad :p It means you're good ---- but it just indicated that you choke... that's all :p

Okay, I know I'm being harsh on you since you've just come back from a serious injury. :smash: Who am I kidding? You will never change... You could never do!!! And who am I to blame you for that? Besides, I love you for that silly head of yours anyway :aplot:

I just wish you could have a life -- a career --- you have always wanted for yourself. That's all.

This morning I have an English exam. I had to read about 10 pages of medical research! :cuckoo: It's like a never ending story :yawn: :lol:

I know my score isn't going to be great --- couldn't be more than 80% but I also know that there won't be many people above me! (Of course, I've always used myself as a universal standard! :lol: )
I've never had anything below A in English... this could be the first time I had a B+ or worse! :scared:

whatever!!!! :rocker2: :lol:
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