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Omg like way am I so bad at blogging???? Only like nearly 8 months to the day to I decided to add another entry!!! God you could almost have a baby in that time!!

So what has happend in the last 8 months I hear you cry lol lol.

Well went to Wimbledon and after spending one whole day sat in the pouring rain looking at abit of tent like stuff, I then managed to spend a whole lovely sunny afternoon with Juan Carlos getting sunburnt!! Shame he had to lose to that ugly freak Stepanek and shame Patricia had to be so close!

Can't believe what a great week he just had in Cincy. Beating James, Rafa and Tommy and making it to the final. Shame he didn't win but I am still really happy and proud of him. Back up to 18th in the race and a seeding of 16th for the US Open is not bad. And with no points to defend from last year this is a good chance for him to make up some places.
Plus he made me a load of V Cash!!!!!

Okay away from the tennis world, finally managed to escape the evils of that Grannies filled place where I used to work!! Now back doing what I know best, working with the children. Being in the same hospital and one of the wards I used to cover has made it alot easier to settle in. Only pants thing is I start at 7:30 in the morning so can't spend as long on the puter in the evenings :(:(:(

My friend Rachel is driving me mad!! Normally I have to put up with her going on about how depressed she is being married and having 3 children blagh blagh blagh, but now I am getting how she went out on Saturday night and ended up kissing some guy! Thing is she does now seem really happy.

Ok that is it for now. I promise I won't leave it 8 months until I blog again.

Love you xxx
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