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Although in 2011 Novak Djokovic experienced the most successful and enjoyable year of his career to date, he now knows all too well that his position at the top of the tennis tree is going to be placed under significant threat this year from the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who are desperate to reassert their authority, as well as Andy Murray, a man keen to start letting his tennis do the talking after being hyped up for so many years now for so little end result.

So far in this year's Australian Open the first major live tennis tournament of the year, Djokovic has
played pretty well, despite a few health scares on court earlier today against Ferrer, but at the semi-final stage, the pressure is now firmly on him to go all the way, in the process retaining the title that he fought so hard to win in the past.

However, with the Australian heat always a factor for a man who has had breathing difficulties in the past while competing, the Serbian tennis star will be feeling the pressure that results from knowing he needs to carry on playing his normal high-intensity attacking game or else risk forever being labelled a man who was just a one season wonder not able to handle the pressure at the top.

Many tennis betting offers are offering odds on Djokovic cleaning up this season, so if he truly wishes to prove that he can be a real legend of tennis, he'll need to make sure that he starts this season as he means to go on, and that means winning the Australian Open to prove his hunger for winning as many trophies as possible in the manner the likes of Agassi and Sampras made famous.
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