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Soderling def. Haas, 6-2, 2-1 ret. I am getting tired of seeing "X def. Haas...ret". Well, that marks the first Masters this year that I haven't been cheering on anyone in particular. Well, it's a busy week anyway with the seminar, I should take a step back from cheering people on for the next couple weeks. Then..Bring! On! The French! THE SUPENUSE!!!0.0 IT'S MIND BOOGLEING!!!

On Haas's third retirement this season: I'm not going to criticize him for playing it safe. He has demonstrated the fortitude of playing through serious injuries (viz shoulder), and that was clearly a mistake. After coming back he surely decided on a safe point beyond which he would not play, and who am I to whine that I wanted to see tennis? (I wouldn't actually have seen that particular match but am pointedly referring to the Hamburghers.) He goes out to play, hopes his adrenaline will see him through, and we don't know how many times it does.

I was going to post something else, but I forget what it was. Will pop back in if I remember.
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