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A helping start:

Hey, bascule, are you lurking? :)
Of course, but it's so boooring!:rolleyes:
Well what did you expect from Nolehaters? The most boring kind on earth :)
You bet they are! :devil:
Have you got some good recipe these days?;)
Spanish pie is quite nice and very tasty. You know it?
I know just one spanish recipe: roasted pig!
You know it?
And, give me that one with pie...
Roasted Pig Behind the Baseline with American Spices - yum!

You need 1.5 cups of flour, 1 cup of milk/yoghurt/cream, 0.5 cup of vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, 3 eggs, 150 g of ham/bacon/prosciutto/anything resembling, 150 g of pickled cucumber, 150 g of cheese (feta is recommended, though any kind will do), 1 baking powder.

Chop the ham, the pickle and the cheese. Mix 3 yolks, flour, baking powder, oil, salt, milk to a dough. Add the chopped ingredients. Finally beat 3 eggwhites until stiff and add to the dough. Bake in 30x40 cm oiled and floured form for 20 mins at about 180-200 degrees.
I think it will be TOP one soon!
What about you? Can you offer some recipe simple enough for an average, not-exactly-the-brightest-in-the-kitchen male? :)

And of course, The Pig, before you Roast it Behind the Baseline, must be marinated in Seppi Sauce for at least a week."Ex-King of the Monocle..." cocktail?
Not only that - can anyone surpass the beautiful style and execution of that Semifinals match? :worship:
Very tasty. But served only on Federer Monorail trains.

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More quality! :)

EDIT IN THE PIE RECIPE: It's 1.5 cups of flour, not 2.5 - sorry.
And on Ego-Mobils, too! But they will serve those for free on Monday night!;) Don't miss the party!
Linda will have a fit when she see's where this thread has gone. :lol:
Maybe it's because Federer needed much longer to become a serious player?:devil:
:hatoff:You're welcome! Where is Linda? What kept her so long?:eek:
Monomaniac Contortions - tonight in your city!

The acts:

1. Vanishing break points
2. "I have to run just to stay in place"
3. Nervous breakdown in vivo
Must be some TV show in Scotland about making quilts and patchworks?
Because we love Nole. There's his name in this thread, right? :cuckoo:
Epilogue: Pin the tail on the virus.
I think she said she'd be otherwise engaged this weekend, so back on Monday, I guess.
Anyways, bascule, have you seen the recipe edit?
You mean this one?

or this one?

@bascule: Both

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A few more :D

Come to think of it, I really wonder how Linda looks like. Maybe she and Nole would be such a nice couple.
Actually, I believe she's much bigger than Nole...(and :secret: she doesn't shave anything):confused:
Well...I mean her beard and legs...:p
No, this is nasty. :angel: I edit my "nasty" post.

P.S.: Skidaj sig!:rolleyes:
Bascule, Mirka is also much bigger than Roger... but they still make a nice couple :angel:

"Linda Djokovic" does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
I'm just having fun! :D
Sure, Mirka's bigger...but she has no chance...Linda, I'm sure she's the biggest secretly Noletarduzza of all the time. ;)
But you know, that Pig Ass is the problem... if only Nole had one of those :sad:
Yeah, he looks like chick! (I know, the truth hurts, don't cry. :sad:)
Can some diet regime fix this?:confused:
Join us and contribute to its growth.

@bascule: Of course. You must eat a lot of Pig Roasted Behind the Baseline, that's an excellent diet.
Alex, do you have the recipe of the day?
Let's just say that nobody else worries if (s)he'll look like a poor sport around here, so it may be just your personal point, of no consequence to our treating this thread.
Yes! He is really a nice guy and I respect him a lot!
Look at his sig, for's just what you said about "ready to accept all Nole's and Nolefans' "sins" to his tender shoulders".
How humble, for real.
But, he has right, although, I mean in last post.:D
Dear, are you talking about bitterness? :devil:
You mean: Why are they still here?:p

You're not funny, get lost!:p

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Do I need to keep quoting, or will one of the kindly MTF mods take pity on us and move all the "chat" posts from that thread in GM?

I have kindly made Fairweather and bascule their own chat threads, despite their continued personal attacks on me because I am caring and concerned that they genuinely don't understand the GM rules :hug:

No thanks necessary guys :hug: :hug:

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I hope Lee doesn´t close this thread :scared:
I'm not sure why she would :shrug:

GM shouldn't be clogged up with chat posts, and Fairweather and bascule like chatting with each other, so they can do it here :shrug:

If they ask nicely, I'll change the title :D

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Working like a trojan here :eek:

Or if you're not funny, you can hang around as long as you have a recipe of the day.
the recipe shit is not funny, well you have 1 week for try new stuff :yeah:
Don't worry - we'll clutter up as many Nolehating threads as you decide to start. :hug:
Wow, compliments! Thanks!!!!:devil:You know, sometimes you have a lack of inspiration regarding your opponent posters...and it's quite boring...look at Linda tonight, for's just...:zzz:
Well, bascule, you know how Nolehaters are: when they vomit all over Nole, his appearance, his game and his family, that's just "good-natured sport" :haha: and when someone thwarts their plans to enjoy the group vomiting undisturbed, that's "so so low and below expectations" :haha: :haha:

Tennizen, I recommend you better find another object of hatred - you'll find it less strenuous.
So, this is incredibly stress relieving for us, too.:silly:
Don't bite it, Faren! We have our mission. ;)

You still didn't answer to me: is it possible by any way for piggy ass to get smaller? What do you think? Exercises, diet, chance?
:haha::haha::haha: This is great!
Actually, the haters don't want US to have fun tonight. We didn't address to them first.:shrug:
Hmm... perhaps by so-called Tenderizing Spanking, best applied on hard courts.
Oh dear, this is instant and absolute classic :haha::haha: Albop is the guy on the table, I reckon? :)

And who do you think is the pissed-off blonde? Tennizen? Linda? As-of-yet undisclosed character?

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Linda be careful please;) I like having you around for your warped sense of humor;)
And since you are Scottish and all :p

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More ...
Who's bitter now, Teenyzen? Your toy stolen, eh? :sad: Bad bad Nolesquad...
:worship: O, mistress, you'll teach me :worship:

bascule, is there anything more hilarious than obnoxious female individuals (let's not use the B word) turning holier-than-thou?
Ha! Hypocrites, yes. Shall we go to sleep, tomorrow we'll continue while those haters wash the cars and take out the
(they are real menace, don't you think so?)

And I'll nicely reply that the percentage you give is LARGELY, repeat LARGELY overblown, most probably because you want 0% Djokofans around here, so even 20% looks too much.

If I asked you nicely to bottle up your dislike for Nole and pursue your other interests on MTF instead, would you comply? (No need to answer, this is purely rhetorical.) Therefore, your polite asking will also be understood as rhetorical.
Smallprint: If you Rafafangirls think such behaviour is commendable, so be it: you're commended :strokesyourhead: cum laude too :handsthediploma: But how exactly your "unwritten laws" constitute any kind of precedent as to how other MTF users have to behave? As long as what we do is not in collision with the OFFICIAL WRITTEN LAWS of this board, you don't have a shred of case.
So, we're party breakersI like this one.
Faren, we are not invited to the party. Padobranci, haha!:devil:
That's for Rafafangirls. Boring!

And, YES! :secret: She's 17.
True, but bascule doesn't strike me as one of those girls interested in pussies.
Why? You're suggesting that being a girl interested in a pussy is dirty? :eek: This is 21st century, get rid of those silly ideas
Yes,:rolleyes:but the bad one...Just one of those is actually funny...lack of spirit, Linda.
:secret: Too much mass hysteria, most probably for all too obvious reasons.
Linda is :sad: Hating Nole is the biggest chunk of her emotional life right now - not even worshipping Rafa's ass does the trick any longer. And as every good mother, she strives to protect this intellectual (?) offspring of hers from hateful :)haha:) predators. sad.:rolleyes:
Don't put your nose everywhere, it's not your problem.:p
I don't see you as a problem. You're not so important to me.:p
Are you proud of me? ;)
You're my sunshine :hug: :smooch:
According to this thread ..."we can... smash it all!" :D
How could we rely on a person who calls an entire nation "crazy crazy people" to know what "just a joke" means and to pass that knowledge to us? :rolleyes:

Too much organized and life-defining hatred is definitely bad for you.
^ Those appear to be good reasons, but there are others as well.

3. Hatred is to be fought at all levels, therefore in such a thread too.

4. Covering pure undiluted hatred with "good-natured sport" and "just jokes" is hypocrisy, which is also to be fought.

5. It's also a great fun to be here, watching haters try :)
Awww, baby I love your working hard to restore your self-shattered image among your fellow haters:

We can provide all the help necessary to complete the transition :wavey:

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This is a great way to spend a Roddick/Haas match

Wow, we got some nice company here.:D
Self-complimenting is so expected (you're still in that holier-than-thou mode?). And no, you wouldn't be a useful ally at all: a Rafa fan ready to sell him in order to become a glory hunter will be prone to repeat the same pattern with the next supported player. But hey, bopper is what bopper does...
Serbian is very rich too - a few hundred words for "to fuck" only (most of those have other meanings though - I expect the same is in Polish?): jebati, trpati, karati, fircati, pamprčiti, glancati, budžiti, karabudžiti etc. etc. :)
utovarivati, tucati, prcati...:angel:
...zigovati, potrpati, uguravati...
"Budzić" is "buditi" (it's close though) :)
Perhaps it was, dunno... I think Scots may be the utmost authority on the comparison :)
What a devil, this Farenheit. :devil:
Hey, bascule, have you seen the IW draw? Do you think the local Rafagirls may have the utter PMS after the Tsonga match? ;)
OOh, cruel...shame on you!:devil:

I just opened the draw, yeah...Tsongo Kongo and Rafa the Boy will meet again.:angel: Rafa strikes back!:p
Wittwe Wafa and his Kiwwing Moonbawws ;)
Clara, I must thank you for all the kind words :hug: :smooch: but you're greatly overestimating our role. The true and entire glory must go to Linda for making all of this possible :worship:

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Yet more:

His vcash is twice as bigger than yours...
...and your posts are not effective :rolleyes: ...

Linda will be pissed off.
Hey, bascule, that little group of haters tried to avert our attention from this thread ;)

How was your day? Made your mind up about the upcoming elections?
Ha! You mean...the *ussy thread?:devil: And because of this spammers, the thread was really dead for the moment.

I have enough time to go into this situation again, now, under the different conditions and to reconsider my position.
Djokovic at 20 - 1 slam
Federer at 20 - no slam
Federer at 21 - no slam

This thread should be called "General Chat Thread".
or just a "useless thread".
It's not useless. It's a thread where we help Nolehaters resolve their deepest conflicts in order to see that violence is never an answer
By no mean the meanest (that would have to be mediter) - just the most inspired and witty :bowsandexits:

Amongst you guys, on the other hand, only Linda shows signs of a working brain, and the rest of you are sorely challenged in that area
C'mon, basc, isn't he SOOO inspirational? :) whatever he does gives incredible space for comedy stunts

Actually, I can now reveal the dirty deal with my favourite McMaleficent: she gets the vcash from this thread going on and on (which she likey, being Scottish, you know :)), and in turn she promised to go loose on bashing Nole :) (You noticed she's not around here as much as expected?)
Zcess, Linda is sure that you and me are planning this actions on private messages. :devil:
And with you Faren, also, but we don't need PM, right? We're neighbors anyway.
Anyway, gotta run for now, see you all later :wavey:
I wish it's true, but won't be too sad if not. ;)

So, it will be! That will make our Scottizza much happier after Tsonga banish Rafa and Muzza boy shows his mentally skills.
I missed Dijana so much in Nole's box today :sad: Vajda alone doesn't cut it.
Me, too. And her comments. And dad's yelling. :sad:
But, I heard they're preparing something exclusively for the upper round matches. ;)
they will be here for the finals ready to torment their victims. i dont have a problem with his family. i think they are excited about their kid and they are just what tennis needed.

he needs their support. call it a team effort. you do not get to take down and push aside the greatest on the planet with every known shot under the son without a team effort.
Do you think they will now change the seating order to read LENO? :)
good one.
Yap! It will be doubled, anyway! That sissy comment didn't hurt him at all, as it came from an typical american sissy. Leno wished him the best in IW, so he deserves those places exchanges from time to time. ;)

So, mom and dad would be left from their kids during the sets, then move to the right between sets.:) Or you think it should be different?
I think they're good-valued traditional family, so it goes Dad, then Mom, then Older Brother, then Younger Brother - but they could swap shirts during the chageovers :)
Right!:D I've almost forgot our good-valued serbian family tradition. :devil:

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Nearly there:
So it wouldn't be appropriate for Dijana to flash her boobs changing shirts ;)
I see no problem about that. It would be so classy! :worship:
Far away from the tribalism which snobbish tennis fans ignore.
who is the girl in the avatar. looks hot.
Sean Young in "Bladerunner".
It's me!!!:confused:
It's Rachael from "Blade Runner".
i saw that movie. now i remember.

you sound pretty damn hot as well. i like your style. keep up the good work.
There will be more "hot" avatars. ;)
Have you seen "Minority Report"? Also by a Philip K. Dick's story... If you have, which one you like better?
If this is question for me, it's obviously.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."
If that's a reply to my question, it was general one. (Striving to make this into a real chitchat thread, but so far unsuccessfully :sad:)
Nobody wants to play with you? You mean a chick-chat thread?
Chick-chat? You mean posts like:

He's so cute :drool::kiss::inlove::kiss::drool::hearts:


That pic is so cute :drool::kiss:
Such a cute avatar

Do I look like being into such rubbish? :)
Silly me! I thought you have been contributing in a similar chat for a month!
If I was doing anything, I was making it NON-chick and pro-Nole - go see for yourself before you scorn me :) - but those chicks over there are tough tough customers... would rather die before finding some brain :)
It was Rafa thread, that means:
1. it's strictly chick or pussy thread
2. you can not make pro-anyone-else thread

On Faren: Love the hair style, pondering the person. :rolleyes:

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Now you tell me? And why do you think I left? Is this turning into some kind of intra-Noletard trashing? :eek: Give me a break, pls. (Manon was quite enough.)
I thought this will make you laugh! :eek:
Turn on that "humor machine" at once. I would never do that, you're my favorite misfit on MTF. ;)
so they are all a collection of misfits. i knew something was funny here at MTF when i joined.

that makes it all too clear. they are all just maladjusted people. i will have to quickly reinvent myself as a misfit in order to get along.

bascule thanks for keeping me informed. you are the best.
Oh, sorry... As you know, I'm so conditioned on chicks bashing me for earnest that I don't even consider trying to recognize when they're joking :lol:

Luvya :hug:
so they are just "ordinary" people. hell that is even worse. i thought they had something going on in their lives.

ordinary is nothing. extraordinary is where its at.

i am just playing bascule.
Oh, Faren, my dear, relax! You have to learn how to accept the positive critics.
Don't worry, CD, you're absolutely extraordinary! Look at all those answers to your posts at GM.
Don't use that "positive" word... next thing you know, they'll trash you about ridiculing viral diseases and mononucleosis and what not
You mean virile diseases?:D
Or virus diseases? :confused:
Nope, viral is just Latin form of adjective = "virusni/a/o/e"

Mmm, let's turn this into Prostate Adenoma Support Group Chat :lol:
Mmmm...then, how's your prostate these days? ;)

And what's the point of this Xristos-esque title dandy guy proposed?
bascule i need some help. can you tell me why they locked the moya/ginepri thread? i am relatively new here.

thanks in advance.
but all you want to do is call me names. you know i am new here. why not explain what the deal is.

thanks in advance.
Because it's useless anymore, cuz match is almost over? :D :devil:
i am looking for a newer, better avatar from you albop.

lets make it happen.
Kohlschreiber appears to be quite convincing against Malisse. I just hope wind will go off a bit during his expected match with Nole :sad:
that is a ridiculous policy. i will leaving the forum soon. i have already had enough of people attacking me and accusing me of being RFK.

i am just an honest bloke who loves tennis.
alex is an old friend of mine Bascule. he is always very helpful to people.
I wasn't really intending to discuss the match at all. (Only interested in the outcome after all.) Just wanted to express my hope that wind won't work (too much) against Novak in his next match.
Me too. :D

By the way, Faren, now we know what has to be done. ;)

P.S.: I just LOVE Cabaret. ;)
Me too - both the film and saw the Alan Cumming version a few years back - knockout!
There's another Novak's song there - Tomorrow belongs to me :)

PS. I thought you might. I love it too :)
Ha! Just take care Nole got not to be accused for being nazi (it wouldn't surprise me). :rolleyes:
I haven't seen this version, but I like him. Especially for being from Scotland. ;)

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Love the title. :worship:
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