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Once again i'm disappointed by people. I doubt i'm able to understand the world, i'm definitely different inside.
Maybe i'm too gentle for this world, i like when people is happy, so i give a lot and receive almost nothing in return.. of course i didn't do anything on that purpose, but i hoped that when people could help me in the same way back, they would naturally do it.. but no! :lol: I'm so naive sometimes!
The worst is that it (still) hurts me, each time it's the same, i say it will be the last time but it's never the last time.
I already wondered and introspected a lot deep inside me, i thought maybe i have the will of beeing loved by people or something like that :shrug: But i truly don't think so, i'm like that, i like to share with people but they just don't care i think.. A "thank you" is sometimes hard to have, and when you're close to people, they watered you of "thank you's" but never do anything concretely.. Please my friends, stop speaking in the air, i sometimes need some acts, a bit of generosity. maybe it's too much too ask...

I had a tiring day at work, i guess it helps with the feeling of loneliness mixed with the disappointment. These days, i'm even more sensitive than usually, i'm starting to be worried for myself... which is good as obviously, nobody would worry for me instead! :lol:
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