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Upon saving the lush lawns and breezy meadows in Halle. Ninja turned
his attention to the root of the problem that has cause the greens to
brown. He quickly made his way to England towards the the holy ground
of the world, Wimbledon!

Wimbledon was the life force of all the plants of the world. Its
green grass was the blessing of nature that kept the world in

When Ninja arrived he saw the the greens of the holyland dying and
withering away. He knew exactly who was behind it all. KKK Hewitt,
the evil imp who has cause Ninja trouble before. He was no where to
be found, as Ninja discovered in a nearby village, the little devil
was chased away by a huge giant, but his evil plague remained.

Ninja set out to make his way to the core of the Holy Land, Center
Court. He knew that as long as that grass was protected something
could be done to combat this evil. Dawn came around and running down
from Henman Hill came the Ninja of the white, the Ninja of Light as
he would be called soon after. Henman Hill was named in honor of a
the man who was murdered by KKK Hewitt many years ago when the lad
summoned enough courage to seek the treasure within the core.

When he reached the bottom of the hill, a Korean solider who popped
out of a hole like a mole. His name was Hyung Lee. He was sent here
by Hewitt to make sure nobody go to the Center of the Holyland.
Ninja simply wiped out one of his stars and flick it right into Lee's
eye. Ninja ran by him as his body dropped like a stone.

Upon reaching the entrance to the Holyland, Ninja was forced to go
through serveral courtyards because the path to the center court was
blocked by rotting plants and poisonous mud.

On the first courtyard a blonde man name Koubek was trapped here. He
was asking Ninja to help him leave this place but Ninja knew that the
man was poisoned by Hewitt's plague and out of mercy. Ninja spun him
around and snapped his neck to send him on his way to another holy

The door was blocked by a trunk so Ninja climbed of the courtyard
wall into another courtyard. NOT A GOOD MOVE!!!! Ninja fell into a
swamp with a big monstrous fish in the mud. Ninja wrestling with the
fish was bitten by him but Ninja pulled out three ninja knives and
repeatedly stabbed the fish to death till the fish swam no more.
Ninja was covered in mud but casually walked out of the door.

Now he was in the inner circle walking around the circle making his
way slowly toward the center of the land. Walking toward him down
the path was a spanish warrior. Ninja knew yet another battle lied
before him. Ninja and him battled hand to hand and feet to feet.
Ninja was kicked into a tree early and was hurt very badly in the
back. Lopez the warrior went for the kill but Ninja moved and Lopez
broke his hand on the trunk. Ninja then returned a chop on Lopez's
head and Lopez fell to the ground. Ninja chopped him a few more
times on his head till he was out for good.

Ninja after walking down the circle path saw the main path to the
Center Court. He could feel that somehow this adventure, this
mission would change him. He slowly walked to the core of all that
was life in this world. There were giant terrifying flowers guarding
the entrance to the court. Ninja saw a body hanging out of one of
the flowers. His name was Schalken and nobody knows for sure why he
was here but his dead corpse sent a message to Rogi that he must be
very swift to make it to the the end of his adventure. Ninja leaped
and sprinted pass the flowers and in some instances over them. Once
he reached the door leading to the Center Court, he turned and smiled
and wave to the flowers with complete coolness.

He opened the door and moved up the stairs with great speed. He
could see the Holyland now. It was glorious and so beautiful with
its purity that it brough serveral tears to the Ninja's eyes. This
moment was interrupted by someone attacking him from behind. Ninja
fell to the floor but quickly got up.

Andy the American treasure hunter was in front of him. Ninja read
all about him. He discovered lots of treasures in American but the
goods all turned out to be fake. He was not taken seriously as a
treasure hunter, but the press in American and all over the world
loved him anyways. Ninja thought of him more as a con man than
anything else. Andy was so thingyy and explained that he got here
cause he parachuted here and was laughing at Ninja cause was all
dirty and took the dangerous way to get to the holy land. Andy was
laughing but Ninja soon shut him up by reminding him that unlike Andy
he was a real man with honor and intergrity and was not afraid of any
danger. Andy explained to him that he would pry the treasure from
the holyland and bring it to America to show them all how great he
is. He would be extremely rich and famous for his deed and all would
admire him over the world. Ninja reminded him that the treasure was
a work of art from the heavens. The Golden Cup was the treasure that
Andy along with Tim and others including KKK Hewitt came to steal.
The only problem was the holyland's grass was tightly wrapped around
it and would not surrender it to anyone. The evil imp who was
responsible for the rotting of the world was trying to weaken and
kill the grass in order to steal the cup. Andy was in luck that the
imp was no longer around. He just simply waiting for the green to
turn brown so the cup would be his.

Ninja's eyes turned almost red with rage after hearing what the
American's intention was. Ninja went into a trance and started to
brutally beat Andy to death. All of his art and training went out
the window. Andy tried to run away but Ninja refused to allowed him
to leave. It was like the angel of death on a mission to retrieve a
soul. Rogi was relentless until Andy was bloodly and bruised and
dead. He let out a roar of anger and relief that yet another evil
greedy soul was out of this world.

Ninja now had to figure out what he could do to heal the core. He
walked on the grass that was still green but slowly losing its power.
Ninja then saw in the a giant minion of Hewitt's named Mark coming
down from the steps. He was moving like a zombie. He began speaking
and it was KKK Hewitt. Hewitt had over taken his soul and was using
his dark magic through the body of this minion. Ninja knew that is
the giant was killed that Hewitt's grasp and magic in this holyland
would be gone and it just might save the world.

Ninja pulled out his sword and swiped its blade over his throat and
then with in a second plunged it into the body of Mark impaling him.
The giant dropped and died. KKK Hewitt's soul was released into the
air and the holy light that once shine on this holy land shined once
more and burned Hewitt's soul into ashes which fell to the grass on
the ground and was eaten up by the lush lawns as if it was lunch

The grass released their grasp on the golden cup and slowly started
to pass it to Ninja's feet. The holyland wanted him to take it. The
Cup that fell from heaven and that was in the holyland for over a
century was now being given to Ninja for save it and thus world.
Ninja began to sob and was moved that the world would show their love
and gratitude to him by giving him the ultimate treasure that he had
no interest in taking. Ninja's great deeds of courage and honor and
intergrity were rewarded by the planet and in turn by people
everywhere. "Ninja of Light" was now the title that Ninja was now
referred to from this day forward.

I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT. It was my longest one yet.

I am new here but I have posted on our Ninja's yahoo club and on his site. I usually write these Ninja Mission stories up when he wins an event. If anyone is offended by any of this, just know that its creative playful fun like Rogi's game. ;)


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Great history. I loved. My Congratulations. I already had seen in the Yahoo and had discovery the history the maximum. OUR SUPER NINJA each day becomes more perspicacious and audacious. He always will be the shine of our hearts. Million of kisses, Beth :bigclap: :bigclap: :bigclap: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

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Dirk, I remember you from Yahoo! Groups! LOL! Hi!

Btw, I think what you said in the Andy forum really offended a poster there. Nobody in that forum has Roger Federer in mind when they talk about Andy, and I think you really made that poster mad by implying that, or that Andy fans MUST be bitter. So I just wanted you to know that :)

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Thanks Mrs. Guga but I think she just misunderstood me. I thought I was pretty clear. Oh and I do think Guga will launch a comeback. I am a little shocked that he didn't do better this clay season, but I think that injury messed with his mind, but I think he will be near the top sooner or later. :)

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Do you know if the atp interactive part is still working chat and forum?? Tried several times to go there but always got the message that the site is no longer awayable...

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No they got rid of it. I wanted to rub Rogi's win in WW's face cause I know she was going for Mark. I bet she is very happy for Rogi though. i miss that place.

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Me too. Now that I came out of my personal boycott now that this site is open again ;) I only find out that the other place is shut down oh well....
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