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Roger dropped two sets? :ras: I blame the crowd. :lol: Six consecutive Grand Slam finals, and winning five of them is awe-inspiring.

The worst part of this tournament is that only one match was streamed (legally) in the states, so I only got to see Hewitt/Gasquet. Oh well, better luck with the streaming next year. Hopefully, as I keep saying and saying, the Wimbledon Mediazone deal will catch on.

Was (these tennis-generated emotions pass quickly) very upset about Haas missing his top ten spot and semis-against-Federer spot by one set, but having to play the day after a match that went to a fifth-set tiebreak is asking way too much. Stupid, stupid rain. :mad: It was 90 degrees and sunny here, and I'd gladly have traded NY for my favorite kind of weather: 60s and drizzling.

In upcoming news, I am totally cheering for Russia against my own country in the Davis Cup, not because I do not love America, because I do, but because I love those Russian players and not so much the American players. Seriously, I would trade Roddick & Blake for Safin & Tursunov in a heartbeat. :hearts:
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