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linus said:
and five,

would you like to do me a favor ? tell me that in russian, what is the meaning of your name for davy "kolya"? thk u so so much
Linus, every Russian name has a variety of forms used to express different kinds of emotions. Kolya is a shortened form of Nikolai which is neutral or used in relationships with friends :):
Nikolai - Kolya
Mikhail- Misha
Svetlana - Sveta
Elena -Lena
Nadezhda- Nadia
Anastasia Myskina - Nastya
Form of affection of Nikolai is Kolenka :eek:. You can call him Kolenka if you're his girlfriend, a member of his family or someone very close to him :eek:.
But it's not the end. The unceremonious, vulgar form of Nikolai is Kolka or Kolian (Kolyan). It is quite impolite but o.k within the family or between children or adult friends.

About the meaning of Nikolai, I actually have no idea :eek: :tape:. But according to this site Nikolai means ''the winner of the peoples" :eek:
So I hope in the next few days Kolya will be the winner too. Go Kolya :bounce: :bounce:
1 - 20 of 161 Posts
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