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As I said earlier, today, I have been invited to my colleague's house with my boss, and two other colleagues. There were also my colleague's boyfriend and my colleague's brothers (2). She lives in the suburbs of Paris, at about 30 mnutes by car from where I live.

We ate :

Melon and ham
Lasagnes (italian food), very good :yeah:
and a "brulée" cream

I also made a cake with pineapple. Everyone liked it, I should post the recipe, cause it was very good :yeah: I'm not cooking everyday, but I should cook more often :)

Then, in the end of the afternoon, we came back at our homes.

It was nice to see the colleagues outside the work

Tonight, there's the tv show "LOST", I don't miss an episode !!

I still don't know when I'm going to take my holidays. I think to take one week to go to Prague (Praha), in Czech Republic. It seems to be a lovely city, not expensive and many things to visit.

My new boss wants me to study the possibility to selll a new destination : Ecuador and the isles Galapagos, as he knows that I'm interested by Latine and South America, he asked me to study the project. So, it will be a new challenge for me. He's ready to send me there just to have a look :)

Tomorrow, day off for me, I'm a bit tired at the moment and I want to stay at home !!
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