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Rosie said:
Hey - chill out Sue Ellen. If Als cares then she has a right to ask - and if she wants to stay in a Player Hotel and she can afford to do so, then she has as much right to stay in one as anyone else. It's her life and her money and she can stay wherever she wants. As for "pretending to be someone" - well she IS someone - she is herself - and she can do whatever the hell she wants without someone she has never met on MTF calling her a groupie. Players Hotels are usually the best and nicest Hotels in any area - I always like to stay in the best Hotel available when I am on holiday -maybe she wants to do the same? It's her business - no one elses. Tennis players are only people and their "world" is no different from many other peoples - so perhaps you should get a reality check? And just because she has an Australian flag next to her name - does that mean she lives in Australia? She may be an Australian living in Europe for all you know - many people here have flags next to their names which is not the country where they live.

And for your information - I've travelled on the tennis tour for years (and sometimes stayed in Players' Hotels along the way myself - sometimes in a smaller trown there aren't so many good Hotels to choose from) - and I can assure you that the "groupies" do not stay in the Players' Hotels at all. They stay in cheaper accomodation (maybe even Hostels?) and hang around the Bars in the evenings making one drink last all evening in the hope they will meet a player! It never happens - they just get laughed at :rolleyes:

And - no - I am not a friend of Als - I have never met her before in my life - and I probably never will - I just thought your answer to her question was very rude and unpleasant for no reason.

And finally - Als - if I knew the answer to your question I would tell you - but I honestly don't know what the Players' Hotel in Madrid will be - I know Eurobuilding was the official Hotel in 2003 but I don't know about this year.
great post! :worship:

yes, if u can afford to stay at a player hotel it is definitely great. i have done so a few times too and no, if u do that it does not mean u are a groupie. i know several players personally anyway so i do not need to be a groupie. as u say, Rosie, groupies are usually looked at in disdain and can be seen from miles away and avoided. and no, players don't live in a different "world"...they are just normal people who play tennis...there's nothing that special about them so there's no need to put them on pedestals. if u happen to go in a car with them, so what? it's no earth-shattering experience.
staying at player hotels are most useful because of the fact that they are like the tournament nucleus away from the venue itself. u can often get free transfers instead of having to worry about public transport, there is tournament info there if u need it like orders of play, draws etc all in the lobby, yes u might get a few sightings of players and u get to have breakfast with them first thing in the morning, wow...some pretty sights there :eek: ...and of course, they are rather luxurious as well ;)...but whatever, it is a perfectly valid question to ask.

so just ignore this pathetic Sue Ellen troll, probably a groupie herself since she seems to know so much about it.
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