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Sue Ellen said:
Hey Als,

Firstly it seems like a long way for you to travel just to go to one Masters Series tourney, coming from Australia and that. I advise you to head to a Grand Slam as they last longer and therefore your journey will be more worthwhile! You do know that there are four grand slams, don't you?? Back to the subject at hand though! You sound like a wannabe and a bit of a groupie! Basically, you seem like a tennis obsessed fan who just wants to stay in the hotel to stalk players and maybe take a lift ride with them pretending that you're someone too. We've all been there! REALITY CHECK! Als, you'll soon realise that you are just an outsider, looking into a world you will NEVER be a part of! Major bummer! So who really cares what the official hotel of Madrid is? Im sure the local YMCA is just as good, and a fraction of the cost! So get over yourself Als, it's never going to happen!
Well aren't you just a mean spiteful girl? Did you not take your meds today?

I took a lift ride with a player once, and life has never been quite the same.....:haha: :haha:

Als, hope you find the answer to your question and have a lovely time.
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