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Next Great Tennis Player

Who will be the best player in professional tennis ten years from now? Well, some people believe a young boy named Jaden Gil will be the next great tennis player. So who is Jaden Gil? Perhaps you’ve heard of his mom and dad: Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi!

Both Agassi and Graf are the only tennis players to have won all four grand slam events and a gold medal in the Olympics for singles tennis. Both superstars have been ranked number one in the world at one time or another.

Perhaps this prediction is as premature as Jaden Gil's birth (he was born six weeks early), but talent can often be seen at an early age. Andre Agassi, for example, was deemed a tennis prodigy at age three.

You must work hard to play well, so Jaden Gil must find a desire to win and the motivation to practice. But it should be easy for him to work hard at tennis, because he can compete against his famed parents on their private tennis court in the backyard.

--Written by Jeremy Clyman
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