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first of all a happy and awesome year 2006 to everyone :kiss: - for the ones that had a sucking year 2005: may it get better; for the ones whose 2005 was already awesome: i hope nothing will change ;)

towards the end of the last year i realized that i don't have enough time to come here regularly due to school :rolleyes: these days it is very demanding :mad: - but i know school is the most important thing - though i missed it to be here, i missed all you guys, most of you (someare here around that i don't know) are sooo awesome, friendly, nice, fun, cool etc. ;) i wanted to say: you are very special to me - though our contact is mainly "only" virtually
i wanted to thank everybody who was or is trying to help me if i have some problems, try to cheer me up and have the right words for me :hug: i really hope i can return the favour mostly

when i thought about my last year i realized that i am not quite satisfied with my life :eek: :lol: this may sounds stupid, but i always compare myself with my friends or anybody else - this isn't good i know
i wasn't satisfied at all with my love-life, if you can call it that way :rolleyes: - there had been some dissapointments, some stupid things...
and so on
sometimes i really hated myself :banghead: i just wasn't satisfied with myself, i blamed myself for not liking the same things as my friends do,
i take things too serious..
..and this year i am trying to change some things :lol:

the party on new year's eve was just awesome :aparty: :rocker:
unfortunately it rained all day and so the snow turned into water and my feet got wet already on my way to the party :rolleyes:
but then it was fun - it was the party of the friends of my friend's bf :) - i know some of them from dancing or some other parties
there had been some food - and loads of drinking :angel:
in short: it was great
i didn't get home before 7.45 am :D
but then i behaved a bit, well a bit naughty :eek:
everybody had drunk maybe a bit too much, we danced and then a guy, simon, and i ended up kissing in a corner, then we were outside a bit later in his car. half a year ago, we were kissing after a beach party :eek:
oh my - i did some :)scratch: ...many...) things that night i am not very proud of and wouldn't do that soon again...
but perhaps i take it too serious again :shrug:

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poor thing :hug: I hope 2006 will bring loads of love and happiness for you!:kiss: I'm glad you had a good time at the New Year's party :hug:
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