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I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. Nabs is the champion.

After following him for a solid year and a half, seemingly for no other reason than to subject myself to psychological torture, I saw my patience rewarded in a big, but unlikely, way. All I can do is sit back in awe. I never thought....but he did. He proved the naysayers and the doomsayers wrong. Instead of choking, he swallowed hard, giving the people for whom he played one more reason to stick and stay with him.

It's ironic that his victory came due to unfortunate injuries to other players, but such is business. You take your opportunities when and where you can. After having been on the receiving end of so many disappointing losses (personal and professional) and a long string of injuries, he was due. Lesser players would have given up and in, but he stuck around, determined to prove himself until he got the big win.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2006, David. You deserve it, champ.
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